EVOPS Marketing and PR extends support to LEAP Talent Incubators

EVOPS Marketing & PR, a leading marketing and public relations agency, is proud to announce its support to LEAP Talent Incubators, an innovative program dedicated to preparing Emirati students and graduates for the workforce by nurturing their talent and developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

LEAP Talent Incubators founded by Project You, in partnership with Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation, is a dynamic and transformative programme. It aims to nurture the next generation of creative professionals by addressing the challenges faced by fresh graduates in finding suitable entry pathways and equipping them with the necessary skills, knowledge and experiences required to thrive and succeed in different industries especially in the private sector.

Hina Bakht, the Managing Director of EVOPS, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to extend our support to LEAP in their mission to prepare Emirati students and graduates for the workforce. At EVOPS, we believe in the importance of investing in the future generation and nurturing local talent. By collaborating with Leap, we aim to bridge the gap between education and industry needs, empowering Emirati youth with the necessary skills and tools to excel in their careers and contribute to the growth of the local economy.”

LEAP recognizes that traditional higher education systems may not adequately serve the industry’s requirements and that increasing automation limits opportunities for university graduates. Therefore, the program aims to provide a sustainable, impactful, and scalable framework to address these challenges and empower Emirati talent.

EVOPS Marketing & PR has been actively engaged in the development of students over the years, fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing and expertise in the field. The agency has collaborated with various organizations and universities to impart industry insights, offer mentorship programs, and facilitate internships. This collaboration with LEAP is a natural extension of EVOPS’ commitment to supporting talent development initiatives and empowering Emirati youth to thrive in the private sector.

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About Leap:

Leap is a program focused on preparing Emirati students and graduates for the workforce by nurturing their talent and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. The program aims to bridge the gap between traditional education and industry needs, equipping Emirati youth with the skills and mindset necessary to succeed in the private sector. Leap fosters work ethic, business acumen, and professional skills, enabling Emirati talent to better serve the needs of the local economy.

For more information visit: https://www.projectyoux.org/leap-talent-incubators