ROR creates a custom Arabic coffee blend for the occasion of Eid

ROR, the Emirati Coffee Roastery, have created a special Arabic coffee blend on the festive occasion of Eid Al Adha. The brand is well-known for creating specialty coffee while sourcing these sustainably. For the new Arabic coffee, customers can enjoy a blend of high-scored coffee from Nicaragua from Central America. The special coffee recipe is based on the specialty grade coffee and favorite Middle Eastern flavors.

Coffee lovers can experience the perfect cup of traditional Arabic coffee with the ideal blend of 100% Arabica beans, roasted nuts, hints of orange and cinnamon. The special grind ensures that the coffee is always fresh and full-bodied. It is a light roast and best brewed in traditional ‘Dallah’ pots. They are in packs of 250 gm generally priced at AED 23. But for the special Eid boxes, the brand has included a 1kg package with classic ‘Dallah’ pot and coffee cups (The special Eid box is priced at AED 199)

Emirati owned coffee leaders, ROR Coffee Roastery (Rate of Rise) are known as the coffee visionaries of the Emirates. The roastery aims to help enhance the specialty coffee experience for coffee enthusiasts. ROR was founded in 2017 by Emirati entrepreneur Mr. Omar Al Falasi who envisioned providing the Emirates with the best quality coffee and to take the global specialty coffee experience to an exceptional level. ROR now offers a quality controlled, sustainable and iconic coffee experience while also creating economic opportunity for coffee growers around the world, and the small businesses that work hard to finesse the coffee drinking experience.

ROR’s business model across the UAE stems from their idea of providing the perfect coffee experience through variety of fragrances, aromas, flavors and tasting notes.

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