Feature Interview: Brenda Dempsey

Tell us about your background.

I have experienced a challenging background that has shaped me into the woman I am today. For this I give thanks and continue to find the gifts and lessons in my experiences. I left school with no qualifications. That in itself was nothing new in the early 1970s but times were changing and girls were now dreaming of going to university. However, whilst I wanted to be a teacher I was distracted. I married young and life took a different path but even then I showed potential and whilst on my college course through work, I received a distinction in English. The next ten years saw me immersed in motherhood giving birth to four beautiful children. Even then I demonstrated great leadership as I was active in creating places for young mothers to come together and talk whilst their children played. It was early days of mother and toddler groups. I was selected by the Head of the Nursery School to be the first parent representative on a Multi-disciplinary group with a focus on Early Years. This innovative group included representatives from Education, Social Welfare, Health, Social Work, Medical and a parent representative – me.

Not only was I a member of the group but I took on the responsibility of being the Secretary as I had experience in that field. As my children grew, I continued to be involved in the field of education. Offering my services in my children’s school as a parent teacher member, teaching netball and general assisting anywhere I could be of help and support. This re-ignited in me the dream of becoming a teacher, a dream I had had since I was six years old. With the encouragement of a head teacher I applied and in a flash I was a student at the age of 32. What I have omitted to say up to this point is that during this time I was living in an abusive marriage on many levels: psychologically, emotionally, physically and financially. This was a very dark long period of my life. Of course what kept me in that situation were four children and the respite periods in between, fooling myself that things would change. They didn’t, they grew worse. It was not until the final year of my degree that drastic action was needed. After one very stormy day from deep inside my soul, I found the courage to leave. I stood in the street homeless, no money and with only the clothes I was wearing. The one thing I now had was Freedom. I was ready for a new chapter, stronger, armed with a degree and a determination to make something of my life.

How did you get started in entrepreneurship?

After 25 years of being a teacher and working in the education sector, I out grew the calling to teach children. I had begun on a journey of self-development as I became a leader within my field of Special Educational Needs. This opened my eyes, heart and mind to bigger and better things. I understood taking control of my life, my destiny and that with continued hard work I could achieve whatever I set my heart and mind on. There was something that positively triggered me as I qualified as a coach. I realised I could make a bigger splash working with adults. The ripple effect could reach more people that I could influence than I could remaining in education. In a blink of an eye, I fell out of love with teaching as I knew it, and left without looking back. No regrets having fulfilled a lifelong ambition of becoming a teacher. A new door opened and I took the opportunity and walked right through.

I grew considerably over the next four years. It was like doing another degree except this time I was the master and my vision was growing. It seemed everything I chose to do had a taste of sweet success. I was truly happy and free for the first time in my life. I started my coaching practice. I continued to train as a NLP Practitioner and coach. I love anything to do with psychology, neuroscience and the mind. During this time authorship was introduced to me. I had never considered writing let alone publishing. But something within made me say yes, to be part of an anthology – Women inspiring Women by an Australian author. I was now working globally. This was my catalyst to saying yes twice more before embarking on creating my own Anthology. I had the bug. It was more than writing. It was the bringing together like-minded women. This was powerful along with each of them telling their story. They were finding their voice and BOOM! That was the dawning of my calling. Encouraging others to find their voice, their truth and having the courage to share it with others.

The biggest leap in my entrepreneurial journey came during the pandemic. People were approaching me about writing and publishing. Without a clear plan, I said yes to the universe and voila, Book Brilliance Publishing was born. I was on a global stage and I was making a difference in the world of other entrepreneurs. My splash had become increasingly bigger. I was in my natural lane of empowering others, helping them realise their dreams and most importantly enabling them to grow their business around their definitive book.

What is your goal? What motivates you?

My goal is driven by my values of Integrity, Collaboration and Authenticity. I am a natural born teacher. My goal is to see people realise their greatness and take action to accelerate their limitless potential. My mission is part of my vision of a world where people are free to share their truth and voice to impact, influence and inspire others to do the same in whatever way is congruent with them. ‘How’ is through working with them and writing their book and using it as a catalyst to grow their business on a global stage. The by-products are increased confidence, clarity and commitment to their leadership to also be on a mission to make a difference in the world.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Apart from motherhood, my proudest accomplishment is around freedom. I have two; gaining my B.Ed. (Hons) degree whilst being homeless with four children, and starting my publishing house. No matter what I am involved in it is about education, empowerment and elevation. We are all capable of greatness, if you cannot find it; find a mentor who sees it in you. That is my work, a medium for the living in seeing the greatness in others before they recognise it for themselves.

As a female entrepreneur, what is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you turn it into a success?

II feel privileged and honoured as a female entrepreneur and use my male and female energies to achieve my goals. I am solution focussed so I do not see challenges in the way others do. I see them as a learning opportunity. I see them as an opportunity for collaboration and I see them as an opportunity to grow. Since becoming a publisher my biggest challenge is the rate of growth. Using my knowledge from being a leader in education I use the 3Ss of Success – Structure, Systems and Strategy. I am always looking for the most effective and efficient ways to maintain a win-win situation for me and my clients. I have discovered I know more that I think I know and feel like a sponge, loving engaging with others who can teach me and vice versa, I can inspire, influence and impact to make a bigger difference in the world from a fusion of head, heart and soul. I lead from the inside out.

As a female business leader, how do you create balance between your work life and home life?

Looking back at the previous question, perhaps I should have said balance is my biggest challenge. Again this is about perception. I am a more of a vocational type of person rather than someone who does a job. I am intense, focused and determined. I would say I love what I do and do what I love; therefore, I adopt a lifestyle approach to my business. From an early age I championed people without a voice – this is new learning from a place of introspection and it is what I do now. I carve family time, although the pandemic has interfered with that as we are all restricted to travel. It is also important to take time out in nature and be at one and peace through connection so walking barefoot is a joy for me. Spending time listening to music, dancing, sharing food and meeting friends always is a great way to keep grounded and improve balance. I am looking forward to more balance in my life as I grow, introduce more systems in my business and free myself up from working in my business to working on my business.

When it comes to mindset, what are the qualities you believe are integral to success?

My favourite subject – mindset. You have to do the inner work and learn to listen to that intuitive brain and engage they physical mind with the spiritual mind. Spiritual psychology is fascinating. Along with developing a strong mind you also need to understand that we are all energy. When you fuse these three aspects of you, you become unstoppable, focussed and fearless. These are three ingredients that are potent for success. For over twenty years I had two rules in my classroom. 1. I CAN and 2. Respect, self, others and the environment.

The ‘I CAN’ mindset focus is on a Growth Mindset, intensified with high Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence. Look to others who have achieved what you dream about, they have answers that will resonate with you. Analyse people who are successful, read, but most importantly be among them. Energy is like osmosis, you take on successful people’s attributes that are aligned to your authentic self. Unleash the leader in you. Show the world your brilliance. Most importantly love it for that is the most powerful teacher of all. What does a Day in the Life of Brenda Dempsey look like? Each day is different and that is what I love, but it will start routinely. Showering is a place where I give gratitude, wash away any negative thoughts and replace with positive affirmations. Often in the shower my creativity pops its head up and new ideas flow. I catch up with what is happening in the world and then remind myself of what is planned for the day ahead. Of course I must have my hot water, lemon, honey and ginger to start the day. I start early as this is a time to get things done as once the world awakens it is more about collaboration and supporting others achieve their dreams. It is important to ensure that I get some fresh air and a walk in nature. That does not always happen at the same time each day.

I always aim to learn one thing about myself, the world I live in and how I can be a better person in mind, heart and spirit. These gifts and lessons come at the most unexpected time of the day, so prime yourself in readiness. I touch base with my team and we strive to be proactive as opposed to reactive. It makes a significant difference and we progress with ease and grace when we are proactive. I have become better at stopping working in the evenings as I begin my days early and it is definitely a must to switch off and be with my partner.

What is your number one piece of advice for female entrepreneurs?

We are holistic beings not parts that work in isolation. Work on your inner world as much as you work on your business. Ensure you take care of your mind, heart and soul through developing routines that work for you, addressing your feminine energy of creativity, compassion and intuition. Listen to your inner voice. It will not let you down. Continue to shape your mind and beliefs knowing you are a limitless being of divine energy. Taking control and developing your emotional intelligence will serve you and others well, enabling you to standout from other leaders. Most importantly – Be YOU!

What is next for you?

I continue to following my calling and make a difference in the world. I am already gaining visibility on a global stage and continue to strive to be me and influence, inspire and impact others to do the same in their idiosyncratic way. I am growing my publishing business and working on how I can enable my clients to enjoy greater success. As a professional partnership publisher I create opportunities for my Authorpreneurs to be visible on a global stage. I used the term Holistic so I am continuing to develop a holistic approach by develop a new speaker platform (Every Voice Aloud) EVA Speaks and creating my own Authorpreneurship Academy where others can learn how to be the best version, Authorpreneur and Leader they can be.

Editor-In-Chief of Bizpreneur Middle East