Female Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mrigaya Dham

Tell us about yourself and your background. What is it that you do?

I’m a freelance content writer and editor passionate about crafting compelling narratives. Born and raised in Delhi, I pursued my Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication there. Later, I earned my MA in Marketing Communications from the University of Westminster in London, consistently achieving distinctions. Complementing my academic journey, I hold certifications in Advertising from IPA and Digital Marketing from IDM. With eight years of writing experience, I thrive on creating engaging content across diverse platforms.

What interesting and successful projects have you been involved in?

I’ve had the privilege of engaging in diverse and impactful projects throughout my career. Still, one that remains particularly significant is my recent endeavor involving interviews with prominent entrepreneurs in the UAE. This project allowed me to converse with influential figures such as Paras Shahdadpuri, Dr. Dhananjay Datar, Naresh Kumar Bhawnani, Dr. Thumbay Moideen, Dr. KP Hussain, and Yogesh Mehta. Their collective wisdom, particularly considering some have been in Dubai longer than my lifetime, has left a lasting impression on me. The insights and guidance they shared during these interviews resonate deeply and will undoubtedly shape my professional journey in the years ahead.

Why have you made the decision to grow your business in the UAE?

I’ve decided to expand my business in the UAE because I see tremendous opportunities here. The sense of safety and potential for growth in this vibrant environment aligns perfectly with my ambitions. With eight years of experience in content writing and editing, my skillset fits well within the dynamic market of the UAE. I’m eager to use my storytelling abilities to cater to the diverse needs of this region. The promising landscape here resonates with my aspirations to propel my business forward.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity/advantage in the UAE right now?

As a freelancer, one of the most significant advantages I see in the UAE is its thriving gig economy and the growing demand for diverse skill sets. The country’s focus on innovation and technology has created an excellent platform for freelancers across industries. My strength lies in crafting engaging narratives, comprehending technical content, and transforming it into reader-friendly material. With a rise in remote work opportunities and the government’s initiatives supporting freelancers, there’s an incredible scope for independent professionals to find diverse and rewarding projects. The flexibility, access to a global market, and supportive freelancer ecosystem make the UAE an attractive hub for independent thriving and contributing to various projects and industries.

What has been your biggest challenge in establishing your business in the region?

Establishing my business in the region presented the challenge of financial security, especially considering the unpredictability of income as a freelancer. Understanding the market dynamics and pricing strategies and building a solid network took time. Despite advice suggesting I take up a job initially and wait a few years before obtaining a business license, my determination to pursue my path prevailed.

Moving here in 2021 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic added an extra layer of complexity. Due to the circumstances, the limited opportunities for networking and business engagements made understanding the market landscape and forming connections more challenging than anticipated. However, despite these hurdles, I remained steadfast in my desire to carve my path.

Since relocating here a little over two years ago, I take pride in the remarkable growth. However, I view this stage as merely the beginning of my journey. The financial stability challenges have been significant, but they’ve also been instrumental in shaping my resolve to establish and grow my business in the region.

What has been your biggest success since relocating to UAE?

Since relocating to the UAE, my most notable success has been building a strong client base and establishing lasting professional relationships. Despite the initial challenges, I’ve secured and delivered on diverse projects, gaining trust and recognition within the industry. Additionally, seeing substantial growth in my business within a relatively short span fills me with immense pride. It’s not just about the numbers but the journey of overcoming obstacles and achieving milestones that stand out as my most significant success in the UAE.

What advice would you offer other founders looking at relocating or expanding into the Middle East market?

Patience is vital, and networking is paramount. Relocating or expanding into the Middle East market might yield little results, but perseverance and dedicated networking efforts can work wonders. Dubai, in particular, has the potential to make your aspirations a reality if you remain patient, persistent, and fully committed to your goals.

What are your business goals in the UAE over the next five years?

Over the next five years, my primary goal in the UAE is to exceed even my loftiest aspirations. Specifically, I aim to further specialize and expand my clientele, particularly within my niche PR consultancy and C-level writing expertise. I’m dedicated to enhancing C-level executives’ personal branding and thought leadership. Strengthening my foothold in this specialized area and extending my services to a broader spectrum of clients is a key milestone I aspire to achieve within the dynamic business landscape of the UAE.

How can readers find out more about yourself?

Readers can explore my professional profile on LinkedIn or visit my website or Instagram to learn more about me. I’m always open to connecting over a cup of coffee!




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