Flat6Labs and DisruptAD to Launch 2nd Cycle of Ignite Accelerator Program with New Innovative Start-ups

Flat6Labs, in partnership with DisruptAD, the venture platform of ADQ, today unveiled the nine innovative start-ups that have been selected to participate in the prestigious Flat6Labs Ignite program following a rigorous vetting process of more than 700 start-ups globally.

Launched in March 2021, as a partnership between DisruptAD and Flat6Labs, Flat6Labs Ignite is a specialized seed program to support up to 60 start-ups in Abu Dhabi over three years. In addition to offering seed funding of up to AED550,000, and subsequent funding of up to AED2 million, the program gives selected start-ups tailored support, world-class mentorship, and considerable access to ADQ’s network and resources.

Of the nine companies that have been accepted into the Cycle 2 cohort, four are home-grown UAE start-ups, whilst the remaining five organizations originate from India, Russia, Singapore, Poland, and Egypt. The objective of the accelerator is to attract the best talent from around the world to Abu Dhabi. These international companies will begin relocating significant portions of their operations and leadership teams to the capital.

Flat6Labs will host a Demo Day in Abu Dhabi on 24 March 2022 following the onboarding of the nine start-ups to the program. This event will offer investors, entrepreneurship hubs, start-up founders, corporates, government officials and regulatory authorities the opportunity to engage with each of the ventures to further understand how they can collaborate to contribute to economy of the UAE and wider Middle East.

Amer Al Ameri, Head of Venture Capital and Technology Investments at ADQ said, “DisruptAD is actively investing in high-potential technology start-ups that apply the latest innovation and thinking to maximize value creation and advance Abu Dhabi’s long-term economic potential. Partnering with Flat6Labs on Cycle 2 of the Ignite Accelerator Program aims to unleash the potential of founders and entrepreneurs who are growing transformative ventures to seize some of the biggest industry opportunities. As part of our commitment to disrupting the norm, the nine companies accepted into the program will not only be nurtured but will also stand the chance to gain further exposure as part of our Demo Day that is essential for the growth of seed-stage start-ups.”

In selecting the cohort, Flat6Labs looked for start-ups that could successfully demonstrate their potential to deliver innovative solutions, first to the UAE and subsequently to international regions. To capitalize on the rapidly developing FinTech space, the program has onboarded Kredium, an international mortgage and property platform, that offers a one-stop shop for all foreign national, overseas, cross-border, and expat mortgages as well as local mortgage & property brokerage services. Healthcare, a key sector in the UAE, stands to benefit from the induction of DocVita, a platform that allows individuals to consult with top doctors from the comfort of their homes. The company allows doctors and specialists to deliver virtual care to their patients and seamlessly integrate their online and in-person practice. With the UAE’s strong focus on sustainability, Nadeera, an innovator in leveraging technology to entice consumers to recycle, has the potential to strongly support the country’s ambition.

Ibtikaroom and Hustro address key challenges in the real-estate and construction industries. The former provides a platform ecosystem of instant 3D digital twins and big data analysis with an interface for all players in the real estate market, whereas Hustro offers data-driven construction control software. With the spotlight being shone on online education over the last two years, GeekExpress aims to capitalize on this momentum by enabling K-12 students with technology skills through a futuristic model of online education that includes live sessions, video content, and game-based learning, guaranteeing convenience for parents, and engagement for students.

Rounding out the Cycle 2 cohort are Your Parts, an end-to-end automotive service marketplace that solves the pain of servicing vehicles; Buglab which uses the power of blockchain to enable attainable, versatile, and reliable penetration testing for digital enterprise solutions; and Fanera, a fan engagement app for football fans to engage with a community of like-minded people.

“We congratulate each of the new start-ups that have joined our program and look forward to empowering them to expertly navigate the nuanced journey from disruptor to industry leader,” said Ryaan Sharif, General Manager at Flat6Labs. “With the successful conclusion of the selection stage for Cycle 2, we have already commenced the application phase for Cycle 3 and encourage ambitious start-ups from around the world to participate in this next round.”

The value and impact of Flat6Labs Ignite is evidenced in the success that all eight companies that comprised the Cycle 1 cohort have enjoyed since joining the program. Notable among these is FleetRoot which expanded into an entirely new market through a marquee partnership with a regional leader in Latin America. The company, which has seen consistent growth in sales since joining the Flat6Labs Ignite program, continues to make impressive traction in the logistics space. “To this day, joining Flat6Labs first cohort was the best decision we ever made at Fleetroot. The investor, mentor, customer connections and entrepreneur fellowship have helped me level up my CEO and founder skills faster than I could have ever imagined”, said Moidu Chandanam, Founder and CEO, Fleetroot.

PHOTO: Amer Al Ameri, Head of Venture Capital and Technology Investments at ADQ