HBMSU launches courses on metaverse applications and economics to develop future skills and boost competencies of learners

Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) launched innovative and interactive training courses on Metaverse technology and its application to equip individuals interested in the field with future-ready skills and enhance their competitiveness. These training courses offer an in-depth overview on the basics of this disruptive technology and expands the participants’ comprehension of its immense potential in line with the university’s missions to empower learners and enrich their knowledge.

These courses include presentations on the metaverse, its applications across diverse sectors, and methodologies. This knowledge is covered across the 4 courses, with the first one being free of charge. By the end of all courses, participants will have gained a comprehensive understanding of metaverse community governance, the economy of the Metaverse and Avatars. All courses have been prepared by Dr. Manahel Thabet, the world’s youngest PhD student in financial engineering and recipient of numerous accolades.

H.E Dr. Mansoor Alawar, HBMSU Chancellor, underlined the University’s unwavering commitment to utilising cutting-edge technology in order to deliver high-quality education and equip learners with future-ready skills in line with the intelligent learning approach. Dr. Alawar further added that Metaverse is one of the technologies that helps shape a better tomorrow, expands the opportunities present in various industries, improves the standard of the educational system and learner experiences, and makes it easier for all societal groups to have access to high-quality education and training.

H.E stated: “Metaverse is a crucial focus of the digital world that develops novel concepts and ideas for innovation incubators and business accelerators. Academic, scientific, and research organisations are currently on pursuit to explore the fullest potential of utilising this cutting-edge technology in order to improve their methods and solutions as well as stay abreast of the changes. At HBMSU, we place a high value on utilising this technology for the development of learners’ skills as well as to increase their opportunities and competitiveness across a range of industries, including marketing and the Metaverse economy more broadly. This is in keeping with our dedication to providing high-quality education, fostering a culture of lifelong learning, and advancing scientific research with an emphasis on the application of cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence and metaverse.”

HBMSU is a leading academic institution in the region to launch its Metaverse-based campus and offers diverse courses to help learners get acquainted with the basics of Metaverse.