How AI will increase profit from investment in Dubai real estate

Realiste, the foremost AI-powered real estate platform in the UAE, unveils the future of real estate investment in Dubai – a future powered by artificial intelligence (AI). According to Realiste, investors will soon be divided into two camps: those embracing AI and those relying on traditional methods, with the former poised for greater success.

With the AI tool provided by Realiste’s platform, “Index”, investors gain real-time online access to essential information about zones, prices, and average rental returns in Dubai. The tool delivers insights into the most lucrative areas and high-potential investment regions in the city.

“Investors can view detailed information about developers and their projects, including projected growth in property values over the next three years,” says Alex Galtsev, founder of Realiste. “Our AI is free and accessible to all users, providing valuable insights for property purchases and rental investments in Dubai.”

Realiste’s AI goes a step further by offering information on upcoming projects and fresh developments in Dubai. Users can gain early access to data about real estate projects in Dubai, breaking the monopoly previously held by industry insiders. The tool provides comprehensive data on projects, including launch dates, prices, and potential rental returns, directly from developers who are shareholders or advisors to the platform.

The objective for investors, Galtsev explains, is to maximize profit while minimizing risk in real estate investments. Traditional methods of analyzing markets and selecting projects are limited by human capabilities and data constraints. AI technology can analyze large volumes of data, providing rankings and insights for better investment decisions. Investors are advised to focus on the top 1% of opportunities based on AI-generated rankings, rather than manually analyzing a vast number of options.

The “My Realiste” app provides real-time property evaluations and projections, allowing users to track changes in property values and make informed decisions. The app incorporates data from multiple sources, such as property registries, market listings, inflation rates, and local market conditions, to enhance its analysis.

Realiste’s AI has the potential to revolutionize the real estate market within the next 5-7 years. Even as technology enhances decision-making, the role of an experienced expert remains vital in interpreting and preparing the data provided by the technology.

AI can significantly reduce the time required for brokers to generate deals, allowing them to accomplish tasks that used to take hours in just a few minutes. The role of super-expert brokers is expected to increase in the next five years, particularly for complex investment portfolios involving multiple properties.

Realiste’s AI aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information to help investors make informed decisions about Dubai’s real estate market. The growth of Dubai’s real estate market is dependent on the influx of international investors who choose to invest and store their money in the city.

“Despite concerns, Dubai’s real estate market is still considered undervalued, presenting potential investment opportunities,” states Alex Galtsev. “At Realiste, we are committed to helping investors make the most of these opportunities through our AI-powered platform, Index.”