WSO2’s Deep Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Reflected in Stellar NPS Score

WSO2, the leader in digital transformation technology, today unveiled the results of its biannual Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. The company has achieved a positive NPS score of 38, which is significantly higher than the global benchmark of 32. Impressively, WSO2 also posted an overall satisfaction rating of 4.3 out of 5, based on a number of satisfaction-related questions posed to its customer base.

Commenting on the results which validate the company’s unwavering commitment to its customers, Ruwan Linton, Vice President – Customer Success at WSO2 said, “At WSO2, our guiding principle is ‘treat people the way you want to be treated.’ This value is deeply ingrained in our company culture and is at the heart of everything we do – from creating products to engaging in transparent and honest communication with our customers. We want to thank all the customers who participated in the survey and provided us valuable insights into how we are supporting their needs. We appreciate the positive ratings and comments.”

Another notable aspect of the survey was the fact that among the customers who participated, the majority 52.28% were promoters (rating questions on average between 9 and 10) while a third (33.24%) were passives (with average rating per question between 7 to 8). While other companies would rest on their laurels, WSO2 was keen to address the 14.48% of survey participants who were categorised as detractors (with average ratings for each question ranged between 0 to 6). “We recognize that there is always room for improvement, and we equally value the suggestions on what we could do better,” said Linton. “We received over 100-plus comments from the survey, and we have established a process for taking concrete actions based on the feedback.”

The NPS survey serves as a valuable tool for the customer success team at WSO2, which focuses on customer satisfaction and business success through WSO2 technology and is the backbone of the company’s business. With 200 customer success members located worldwide, the team provides round-the-clock support and services to customers, irrespective of location.