Hoxton Capital Management launches its graduate programme

Hoxton Capital Management has announced the launch of its 2022 Graduate Programme, Hoxton Academy. The programme, to be held in their Dubai hub, will provide a two-year training course for 10 selected graduates with a passion for financial planning.

Hoxton Capital Management is a holistic independent financial advisory (IFA). Unrelenting in its commitment to safeguarding client’s financial futures. The team of qualified advisers support clients to prepare for their future with short-, medium- and long-term financial objectives.

Hoxton Academy is open to recent UK graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree, and demonstrate leadership, creativity, initiative, adaptability, and diversity awareness.

Throughout the two years, graduates will gain two level 4 industry recognized accreditations in financial planning, as well as having access to a broad suite of learning resources to develop their consulting and technical skills.

Sophia Bhatti, Partner and Programme Director, comments “We are very excited to be starting the Hoxton Capital Management graduate programme. This solidifies our commitment to the industry and the younger generation to train, qualify and nurture the next generation of world class financial advisors. This is something I am personally passionate about and am looking forward to opening the academy in January”.

Chris Ball, Managing Partner, adds “At Hoxton Capital, we are committed to nurturing a culture of knowledge, transparency, and integrity. We are excited to welcome the next generation of financial planners into our network of talented financial advisors in the offshore sector”

This programme is part of Hoxton Capital’s commitment to supporting emerging talent in the financial space. Graduates will be supported by a dedicated Hoxton Academy team, as well as having the opportunity to work closely with Hoxton’s senior advisers.

The application process is open now, and will start on the 16th of January 2020. Learn more about the programme here: https://hoxtoncapital.com/hoxton-careers/graduate-career-programme/ 

You can apply here: https://hoxtoncapital.bamboohr.com/j