Day In The Life: Rajeev Gupta, CEO Lime Source Consultancy

Tell Us More About Your Background

My name is Rajeev Gupta. I am an author and the Founder & CEO of Lime Source Consultancy, based in Dubai, Canada and North America. I started my career with less than $100 in savings. I have been privileged to travel across the globe over the last 30 years providing career opportunities to thousands.

What Made You Get into Entrepreneurship?

I always had a big dream to positively impact the lives of millions across the globe. Such a vision was not possible within 9-5 jobs combined with restricted flexibility, limited to either one city or one country. I had deep inner feeling that I wanted to give back to society and this was my driving force.

I started my career as a CEO, a career which spanned two decades. During this time, I realised there are many countries with a large pool of educated and skilled youth but a huge scarcity of job opportunities. Whereas on the other side, there are countries with less population, higher resources and a need for talented, skilled people.

This realisation pushed me to be an entrepreneur who bridges gaps in the workforce across the globe.

“When we offer jobs, we also give people a chance to give their families a better future and in doing so help reduce poverty and contribute to the betterment of society.”

What Current Business Trends Do You See?

Creativity will take the edge over knowledge. Leaders need to be more creative within the current scenario. Knowledge gained from old experiences will surely help in solving current problems but it is creativity which will help to design the future and solve future problems.

What Interesting Projects have You Implemented?

We at Lime source consultancy, have always been proactive and hungry in looking for untapped potential globally. When the industry was competing to get a bigger market share within the contemporary markets such as India, Nepal, Pakistan; we took the initiative to pave roads in markets such as Uganda, Kenya, Myanmar, Ghana , Sudan & Zimbabwe. Locations which were not workable 15 years ago.

Such was the impact of Lime Source Consultancy that the company was recognised by His Majesty King Oyo (UNAIDS Ambassador and the Youngest Reigning Monarch acknowledged by Guinness World Records) as well as Her Royal Highness Queen Mother Best Kemigisa (Kingdom of Toro-UGANDA) for providing employment to thousands across Africa.

Take Us Through Your Typical Workday

I start my day early in morning around 6 am with a morning walk with my pet and my strict exercise schedule that keeps me going for the day.

By the time I wake up its already the start of the working day in Ghana and the Philippines (because of the time difference). India shortly follows this, followed by Uganda and Kenya.

I keep my clients’ meetings in general post lunch hours, by then most of operations are streamlined and by that time I have spoken and interacted with most of the country heads.

I love my work and I passionately add value to my teams every day. I work for around 12 hours per day with evenings spent with family, and weekends with lifetime friends.

How can readers find out more about you?

I have penned down my experiences in My Book “50 Secrets of Success” to help people through my own life experiences. It is now impacting millions of readers. It is available on Amazon Worldwide.

Readers can also find me on my website , or email me –

Editor-In-Chief of Bizpreneur Middle East