Is being “the best” really enough to succeed?

“We are the best at what we do!”, words I often hear leaders say when marketing their brand – being it an organization, product or service, however does their confidence align with reality? Better yet, how do they define success and are they able to show results to prove it?

In this day and age, digital advancements are taking over the world and marketing comes into so many creative forms of social media, having one thing in common, each competing to be the best! If success is what tells them apart, how many have actually defined what “success” means to their audience and have they shared their achieved “success”?

Claiming to be the best is a great marketing tool but only when success is measured and shared with the audience. A mistake companies often make is taking satisfaction alone into account, consumers are as interested in results and how you are able to change their life as opposed to the satisfaction of service delivery alone!

Simon Sinek best said – your “Why” is the reason to buy and the “What” merely represents the tangible products as a proof of that belief. Being able to market success stories painting a picture of the “why” and how consumers will benefit is a crucial part often missed.

 As an example, companies often display testimonials where individuals discuss professionalism however rarely point out to the impact made, being return on investment or expectation of the product or even the impact the service has had on the individual or company. Many successful companies often do this through story telling.

In such a competitive market, so many products and services are being defined as “great” or “the best”, so consumers need to know what’s in it for them and how it will add value to them personally. The way companies choose to do that may differ based on their targeted demographic however the theory remains the same.