Leadership in the verge of Obsession or Possession

Materials have become a thing of today. The word is changing and so do we. We often hear people say time didn’t change but we did. The reality check is that no matter how you put it into the perspectives of your likening, both are affecting the way we live today.

Many of us have become obsessed with the sense of ownership instead of the sense of belongings. Ownership of materials that become a topic of today. Whether be it money, cars, properties, and many others.

That did not stop us from owning one more important thing, which is people. You might be surprised of hearing it. Even those who do such an action purposely or not would also become surprised hearing so.

Well, leaders of today and this is coming from an actual observation in the field as a leading practitioner and social scientist, the material focus has made them obsessed with owning as much as they can get. They go beyond that and even become obsessed with owning people. That’s right. You heard me saying it. They think that when people work for them, they are entitled to own them as well. They give themselves the sense of entitlement of making them work day and night and beyond the scope of allocated and permitted days or hours. In fact, they own their time and their freedom.

There is a better way of obsession. A leader’s job is an obsession with developing people, motivating them, empowering them, and promoting them. Once a leader develops such a skill then you would be set for life as an exemplary leader.

However, this would not happen overnight but rather requires a dedication towards making it happen into practicality. Every leader needs time at least once a week with a mentor to develop such a set of skills to reach the highest level of leading.

Remember one thing is that you need to be an extraordinary leader and not any normal leader. Think of the concept of red apples in a basket and one green apple that will stand among all.

You need to be that kind of leader in any position of any organization and any discipline.

Are you that kind of leader or want to be that leader?

Make me hear your voice.