Lebanon works a national movement for job creation launched by the Lebanese Private Sector Network

The event was held at AVA venue in Achrafieh in the presence of around 750 attendees that included ministers, members of parliament, syndicates, dignitaries, ambassadors, commercial attachés, university presidents’ deans and representatives, professionals from various sectors, as well as media and journalists.

Kicking off the assembly, Rima Freiji, President of The Lebanese Private Sector Network, took to the stage to discuss the achievements to date and the way forward.

She stated: “Today is a step forward to instill hope and enable organizations to showcase their individual contributions, so that when grouped together they would create the multiplier effect we have all been hoping for. “

Further adding “’Lebanon Works’ is A call to action for each one of us, to rise and steer our nation towards the prosperity it rightfully deserves. As Job Creators, we have the power to create dignified livelihoods. As Educators and Skill Enhancers, we can foster the talent that will drive these industries forward. And as Business Enablers, we can foster an environment where businesses thrive, and innovation flourishes.”

The aim of Lebanon Works is to identify the sectors with the highest potential for job creation, highlight successful initiatives, and outline policies to enable the movement to grow and create impact.

Network members presented interventions on 8 different sectors: Agriculture & Agrofood Processing; Industry; Hospitality and Tourism; Culture and Creative Industries; Healthcare; Real Estate Development; Knowledge Economy and Waste Management.

In closing, the overarching requirements and way forward were shared, with the inauguration of an aggregator platform that will gather job creators, skills builders, and educators as well as business enablers.

The Lebanese private sector Network came together to protect the formal economy and to promote growth and sustainability. The mission of the network is to influence policy makers, civil society, and international organizations to join a national movement of job creation and economic growth.