Lion Announces Launch of NFT Marketplace – Meta World

Lion Group Holding Ltd. (“Lion” or “the Company”) (NASDAQ: LGHL), today announced its subsidiary Lion NFT Limited (“Lion NFT”) will launch its own non-fungible token (“NFT”) market platform, known as Meta World (, available online this month.

Lion NFT is registered in the British Virgin Islands, primarily focused on investment and innovation in digital assets. Its parent company holds an MSB license through the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crime Enforcement Agency (FinCEN) and an encrypted commodity operating license through the Dubai Multi Commodity Center (DMCC). With these resources, Lion NFT can provide services such as digital asset exchange, NFT innovation, issuance and trading on a global scale under supervision.

Meta World aims to become the world’s top one-stop, cross-chain, high-expansion NFT marketplace, allowing users to connect and trade with digital currency and a digital wallet linked to its platform, accessible upon login. From exploration and creation to pricing, buying and selling, the new platform establishes a comprehensive industry chain that uses blockchain to encrypt artworks such as photographs, videos, audios and 3D pieces, as well as other relevant information to generate NFTs. Meta World will promote the value circulation of global resources and build the foundation for an efficient digital world. NFTs make digital works of art that were originally illiquid available to the public as valuable and investable digital collections. Through the launch and implementation of additional NFT applications, Meta World will become a key cornerstone for digital transformation in various industries.

 “As the global encryption economy develops rapidly, Lion is pleased to capture this trend by establishing Meta World. With this milestone, we hope to accelerate our deployment in related fields such as digital economy, NFTs and metaverse, relying on our existing multi-faceted resources,” said Mr. Wang Chunning (Wilson), Chief Executive Officer of Lion. “We observed the rapid growth of the NFT field and expansion beyond the initial games and artworks to music, sports, film and television, ticketing, digital identity and other areas. The NFT industry has expanded and extended beyond its original scope, permeating multiple areas of life and bringing aspects of the real world into the digital world. Lion will leverage its advantages to gather the world’s top artists and sports stars, as well as a variety of innovative products, and will cooperate with the world’s top-tier museums, art galleries, auction houses and other related spaces to accelerate our footprint into this industry. Based on the maturity of blockchain and other technological applications, as well as the prominent value of encrypted digital assets, we believe the market prospects of the NFT field will be unlimited. Lion’s deployment into the NFT industry ecology lays a solid foundation for our next steps to enter the metaverse field.”

About Lion

Lion Group Holding Ltd. (Nasdaq: LGHL) operates an all-in one, state-of-the-art trading platform that offers a wide spectrum of products and services, including (i) total return swap (TRS) trading, (ii) contract-for-difference (CFD) trading, (iii) insurance brokerage, and (iv) futures and securities brokerage. Additionally, Lion has developed a professional, experienced SPAC sponsorship team to  help guide private companies through their listing journey while creating value for Lion and its shareholders. Lion is also committed to building the world’s leading one-stop, cross-chain, high-expansion non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace and entering the metaverse space through blockchain technology. Additional information about the company may be found at