Mission to Empower”…and the 3 “P”s for Entrepreneurial Success

At a fabulous event that took place on January 15, 2015, and at one of the most beautiful resorts in “Ras el Khayma”, J&R Business Consultancy was announced “The Winner of the 2014 RAK FTZ Business Excellence Awards for Best Small to Medium Size Business Enterprise”.

As my beautiful wife, Lama, and I were walking up the stage to receive our award, so many questions rushed through my mind, wondering why we were chosen as the winners.  Of course, I was so overwhelmed with the excitement that I didn’t even want to think of the reasons, and instead, just wanted to enjoy such a glorious moment with my wife, Lama, and our colleague, Grace.

On the way coming back home, it hit me, and the answers just rushed through my mind…And why not?

Just a day prior to that event, I came across quite an eye-opener article by Michael Dell, in which he talks about the 3″P”s for entrepreneurial success. However, it was not until after that ceremony that I was able to relate to each and every one of those “P”s. That’s when I realized that it was those 3 “P”s that were the reason behind our success.

So, what are those 3 “P”s?

Starting with the first, it’s the “P” for “Passion“.

To be successful, you should first and foremost engage in something that you are passionate about. Without passion, there would be no love, no persistence, and no believing in your business. Passion is what makes you going, thinking and dreaming day and night about your business. Passion makes you believe in yourself, and more confidently in pursuing what you want. So, before embarking on starting your own business, figure out how passionate you are with what you are just about to get yourself involved in. Are you going to fall in love with your business?  Are you going to accept and withstand all the bumps, issues, hardships and challenges that you are going to face? Are you going to be able to defend yourself and fight for your business? Are you going to be marketing, promoting and proudly boasting about your business at all times? Are you going to be able to discover what your completive advantage is, and capitalize on it, to differentiate yourself from the competition? Well, if you’re passionate about your business idea, then yes, you will surely be able to answer all those questions.

After reading what Dell’s first “P” was all about, I realized how passionate both Lama and I are when it comes to our business. I started remembering the hours we spent together discussing, debating, and sharing the concepts and theories of the various interpersonal skills courses we train on.  I remember the quality and valuable time we spend together discussing, designing, and building each and every training workshop we get hired to deliver. I remember how we diligently customize, localize, and personalize the various topics to meet our clients’ needs.  And the list goes on and on…

The second “P”, is that of “Problem“. This is a very critical part of the formula. If you really want to be successful in your business, not only do you need to address a problem, but actually offer a viable solution to this problem. Addressing problems with no solutions, is simply providing criticisms. So, the success factor lies in providing a solution to a problem that would surely lead to a better change. If you really want to be successful, you have to watch out not to provide a pain killer type of solution, but actually to dig deep down to the root cause of the problem and provide a proper solution that most would get on board to accepting it.

Reading about Dell’s second “P”, made me realize how keen we are at addressing and highlighting core behavioral problems, and making sure to providing rational solutions that can be easily adopted. If you want to be successful, you always want to make sure you offer something of value that goes over and beyond what your clients expect. When it comes to our business, we make every effort to truly understand the client’s needs and requirements in order to tailor, customize, and personalize services accordingly. We strive to make every client feel distinctive and unique. For us, this is where we take it one step further and try to incorporate learning lessons that go beyond the topics of discussion, and integrate positive behavioral and attitudinal lifelong lessons that most could easily reflect on, and adopt.

Last but not least, the third “P” is that of “Purpose“. This is the icing on the cake. I am not talking about making money here. Making money is just the means for survival and growth. This purpose, is actually your mission, that should be well carved in your mission statement, and  truly defines why you exist as a business. Your mission statement of course needs to be simple, yet touching to steer up the emotions in anyone. Your purpose, or mission statement, should be firmly entrenched in you. The more you are a believer in your mission, the more passionate you become in providing your services to your clients. This is where the first and third “P”s are in-synched  with each other to complete the whole picture and make you strive and aspire to maintaining and growing your business.

For J&R, our mission is simple: “mission to empower”. We endeavor to instill a sense of pride and self-worth, and the philosophy of empowerment in the individual as much as in the business itself.  J&R Business Consultancy truly believes in the mission to empower people.  We aim to touch the hearts of each and every person we get involved with, and to leave the J&R stamp of empowerment in each and every project we work on.


A master Soft-Skills trainer working with various industries, Samir has had over 20 years of extensive experience delivering a series of workshops and training courses to clients in the government, automotive, banking, media, retail, telecommunication, utility, education, and legal industries. His consultancy, teaching and training experiences are evident in the various positions, assignments and projects he has been involved with both in the USA and the Middle East.

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