NFT Spotlight: Arab Premium Club

What is Arab Premium Club?

The ArabPremiumClub is about bringing Arabic and Nomadic historic culture together. The cultures have a strong presence in the real world and will be making a big impact in the digital world. The artworks are based on actual historic figures and traditional traits. There is a lot of value holding these NFTs and relevant information will be posted when milestones are reached.

Tell us about the team behind Arab Premium Club.

The team has experience working in the culture and heritage aspects of the region. They are keen to make the ArabNFTs profitable to its owners with benefits associated with it.

How will people benefit from being in the Arab Metaverse and what are the unique features?

Different features of being part of the Arab Premium Club benefits the owners and the community. As the club grows, the income is reinvested in marketing and building the Arab Metaverse. Just by staking your Arab NFT you will be getting passive income in the future as we are in negotiation with token founders. Owning the ArabNFT will make you part of a community that has a limit. There are plans to be more present in exhibitions around the globe.

One of the utilities you are offering is merch, tell us more about the merch.

There will be two types of merch, one will be in collaboration with local designers as limited-edition products. It will be functional, unique, and trendy. The limited edition merch will highlight the use of local material and local techniques. We are already working on the first Merch and it’s looking exciting. The second is customized merch that will be open to the public.

The biggest future trend is NFTs with gaming, how do your characters fit in with this trend?

The owners of the ArabNFTs have ownership of the artwork. They have the right to show it off on their social media, gaming profiles, and more recently linking it on their twitter display picture.

What is the long-term play? A lot of people right now are making short term profits with NFTs, tell us more about your long-term strategy using staking?

1.. First 100 digital tickets to the Arabs Metaverse released on Opensea (Etheruem and Polygon blockchains). Owners of tickets will get a free artwork (Arab #1 ticket will get Arab #1001 artwork).

2. Release of Arab NFT artwork will be done with every 10 tickets owned in chronological order. With the exception of Arab #1 to Arab #10.

3. Official exhibits in the UAE, the Gulf, and globally just for the ArabPremiumClub members.

4. Limited Edition products and merch launched to ticket and artwork owners (potential collaboration with designers).

5. Upgradable artworks to 3D characters to use in the metaverse using the special token.

6. We are currently in negotiation with unique token founders to make passive income just by staking the ArabNFTs.

7. Benefits of owning a ticket vs just the artwork will be announced soon.

8. The roadmap is the most important factor when it comes to investors, tell us more about your roadmap.

What are your goals for the next 5 years and beyond with Arab Premium Club?

Our goal is to let owners of ArabNFTs use their token and NFTs to earn passive income. Another goal is to have the Arab Premium Club community flourish and self-growing engaging the members in profitable and exciting activities as well as keeping them and the public informed about the special Arab community heritage and culture.

How can our readers get involved and find out more about Arab Premium Club?

Buy an ArabNFT on opensea here

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