NMKR and Newtek holdings sign agreement to bring real life assets into Web3

Leading blockchain technology provider NMKR has partnered with NewTek Holdings to bring real life assets into Web3, beginning with prime Dubai real estate projects.

Patrick Tobler, Founder and CEO of NMKR, and Safi Qurashi, CEO of newly established NewTek, have signed an agreement to launch a host of NFTs backed by commodities and real estate on the Cardano blockchain.

The two companies believe the move will put them at the forefront of technology implementation towards mass adoption.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with NewTek,” said Patrick Tobler, CEO and Founder of NMKR. “Combining Safi’s network of well-established enterprises, and his expertise in the adoption of new technologies into up and running businesses, will be a key step in our strategy to shift the NFT market towards real world and everyday use cases.”

London-based NewTek is initially focusing on major real estate projects in the Middle East, principally Dubai, after recently entering into a strategic partnership agreement with Singapore-based asset managers, Stratez Capital.

NewTek, with its new partners, aims to open two of the biggest asset classes to the masses, by jointly developing real estate projects and commodity trading utilizing blockchain and Web3 technology.

Said Qurashi: “I’m delighted to be joining hands with NMKR who are the perfect blockchain technology partners, with unrivalled expertise and knowhow in Web3 and NFTs.

“We are looking to merge real life assets with real value into what I believe is the future of doing business. We have a clear vision of what we want to build, and we needed strong partners who share our beliefs, values and objectives.

“What we have designed and planned for Dubai, combining real estate, hospitality and investment opportunities will, in true Dubai style, be the first in the region.”

Added Qurashi: “The team at NMKR have demonstrated that they can deliver exactly what we need. I am truly excited to see that, what started as an idea five years ago, is now becoming a reality.”

“Our offering is to create real value and investment opportunities on the back of traditional business principles. We will be using modern technologies as tools to make investing easier, more transparent, trusted, and with the minimum use of intermediary costs.

“I believe we need to have a different approach to the new technology that is available to us, and integrate it without throwing away basic business principles.”