Tabadul launches Beyond

abadul, the leading  Saudi Electronic Info Exchange Company that provides innovative digital and fintech services to the business and logistics sectors, has unveiled its new strategy, Beyond. The announcement was made in a grand ceremony attended by Tabadul’s staff at the Voco Hotel in Riyadh.

The over-arching strategy cements Tabadul’s position as the cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s logistics value chain that will drive the digital transformation of the sector across the region. Accordingly, the new strategy will strengthen collaboration with stakeholders from both the public and private sectors to highlight the true value of synergy that will transform the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a regional role model in logistics operations efficiency and a facilitator of the regional and global trade system.

In his turn, the CEO of Tabadul, Mr. Majid bin Faleh Al-Otaibi, welcomed the team and praised the company’s great achievements over the past few years,  pointing out that the new strategy “demonstrates the company’s continuous growth, which underpins its great power as a catalyst of technology-driven change as it continues its mission to turn challenges into opportunities, thereby creating successful solutions.” In this regard, Al-Otaibi added: “The well-defined strategy will chart new horizons for sustainable growth that will help Tabadul provide top-notch digital solutions while continuing to engage in collaborative activities with both government and business sectors, guided by the Kingdom’s astute leadership. In doing this, Tabadul works toward enhancing the digital transformation towards a sustainable digital economy, in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, aspiring to transform Saudi Arabia into a leading global logistics hub.”

Commenting on this milestone, the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Mr. Feher bin Saif Al-Din Al-Ghalib AlShareif, demonstrated Tabadul’s new strategy, Beyond, and highlighted its 20 initiatives. “The strategy aspires to create solid pillars for the national economy through cooperative efforts with all stakeholders. This will develop the logistics sector in the Kingdom, thereby leveraging our position as a global leader for innovative financial sustainability.” Al-Sharif added: “Bringing about a transformation that ushers a new era in the next five years, Tabadul’s strategy involves automating operations, in addition to driving digital, logistics, and financial transformation, striving to support the company’s expansion and enhancing its global competitiveness. Utilizing the best-in-class innovative systems and solutions, we proactively demonstrate our commitment  to cementing the Kingdom’s position as a leader in smart logistics.”

Through its strategy Beyond, Tabadul adopts a tactical vision and mission with clear goals. The strategy will help Tabadul achieve inclusive growth through strengthening supply chain e-services, expanding its current product portfolio catering to the governmental and business sectors as well as the financial services sector, and providing innovative technical solutions to improve efficiency, increase transparency, and drive revenue for all the sectors in its ecosystem. In doing that, Tabadul will transform from a digital solutions provider into a leading company in developing the regional and global trade system.

Tabadul also aspires to become a regional and global digital logistics champion through driving logistics automation, enhancing the private sector’s operational performance and delivering innovative services, supporting customs brokers, facilitating trade finance, and enhancing financial services.