NTFs can push the boundaries – They are not mere JPEGs

The exclusive and out-of-the-ordinary Alien NFT collection from the Weird Alien Space Club has launched on the Ethereum Blockchain, ensuring their functioning utility and exponential community growth. WASC wants to evidence the potential of NFTs in terms of pushing the boundaries – they go far beyond mere JPEGs.

Those exceptionalists who always seek something more than metagalactic gains and wish to obtain intergalactic financial freedom can consider counting on this unique and revolutionary project from WASC unhesitatingly.

The presale started in April, and the collection is available to mint on their official website.

An Overview of the Story-line of Weird Aliens Space Club

Scrupulously designed by WASC, this decentralized NFT program revolves around the out-of-the- box narrative of the accidental arrival of 8888 aliens on the Earth from Mars. These Marslings gradually transformed themselves into Weird Aliens and embraced unusual changes in their behavior and appearance. Then, they made some Earthlings their friends, developed a space club, and named it Weird Aliens Space Club. After having tremendous fun in the metaverse with their human friends, the aliens planned a fantastic trip to Mars with them.

The 8888 NFTs of WASC feature numerous attribute combinations that come in Common, Uncommon, Epic, Legendary and Rare values. They are hand-crafted by Hyker Artist to fulfill the objective of including more than a million attribute combinations using eight different traits.

The rarity and characteristics of a specific alien will be displayed in the holders’ digital wallets and marketplaces. None of the aliens are identical – they all are weird!

The Green Aspiration: WASC Dreams of Developing a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Community

WASC’s greater aspiration is as unique as its name! They are going to utilize the profit they earn from the sales and royalties in planting a million trees across the globe. WASC has taken the oath of declining the rate of oxygen scarcity and developing a healthier and more sustainable planet for the future generation. To give this dream the shape of reality, they will collaborate with several giant social organizations and their holders.

The List of Benefits that WASC’s Holders Can Avail

Weird Alien Space Club holders will be able to leverage a number of attractive benefits that include but are not limited to the following.

  • Official Merchandise and Rewards

WASC has designed an exclusive official merchandise program for its holders. They will be rewarded with access to an extensive range of unique events or hunts, physical and digital gifts, and giveaways.

  • Worthy Metaverse Assets

To let the holders make the most out of their metaverse existence, WASC ensures that the holder can use their NFT assets across the metaverse. Besides, WASC will extend its project to a sandbox.

The club will buy a field there once the project is sold out, turning it into its headquarters. All holders can use the field for meeting up. Besides, they will receive exclusive gifts from WASC.

  • Bonus-oriented Games

WASC has planned to launch a game that will follow a play-to-earn module. By participating in the said game, the holders will be able to earn plenty of rewards and bonuses.

  • A promise of functioning utility and viable growth

WASC will store unique ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. All of the 8888 NFTS will be non-sequentially minted, ensuring their uniqueness. Moreover, each NFT will offer 100% membership that promises a functioning utility and feasible growth.

  • Innovative Metaverse Integration

All holders will get a full-body version of a unique alien on Sandbox. Needless to say, this will make their metaverse exploration sessions even more exciting and innovative.

With multiple lucrative utility features and the vision of establishing NFTS as the mode of crossing the boundaries, Weird Aliens Space Club is going to take its holders’ metaverse experience to a new horizon.