Overhaul of Residency Rules Makes Dubai the Monaco of the Middle East

On April 18, the Emirate of Dubai announced a comprehensive overhaul of its residency rules. Two new visas boast a no-sponsor-needed residency and are being highly praised for their open and long-term approach. The five-year Green Visa offers amazing flexibility to skilled professionals, investors and entrepreneurs to stay in Dubai, even as a freelancer or self-employed. The ten-year Golden Visa is deserving of its gold status, being granted to those of exceptional talent: students and graduates, humanitarian pioneers and scientists to name a few. Faster processing times and digital entries are also an incredible benefit to this overhaul on residency rules.

New Visas Spell Boom for Dubai Real Estate 

Dubai is currently enjoying a booming property market. The last few quarters have seen all previous records being broken; January 2022 alone saw $4.5bn worth of deals, the most on record! More people than ever can enjoy Dubai and make an incredible investment. Thanks to the new visas, there has been no better time to explore the city and consider investing.

The floodgates have been opened to buyers from around the world. Established and new investors alike are flocking to Dubai, to check out the latest developments. Dubai’s largest developer, Emaar, is in fact currently out of stock. But, with every top developer building Dubai wider and higher, there is still plenty of opportunity.

Memorable Dubai

As the property market skyrockets, global high-tech property companies are making in-roads in Dubai. Memorable Dubai has launched its six-city network of international offices, serving a Dubai-focused clientele. Using the latest A.I., data mapping, and social listening tools, Memorable is offering a service unlike any other. They have created a Black Book of 173,000 high-net-worth and VIP clients. Their technology has confirmed that these global clients are most likely to invest in the Dubai property market. The fast-paced market has outgrown the tradition ‘spray and pray’ model of marketing, which estate agents have followed for years. Tech-savvy players like Memorable have an advanced approach, having made huge strides in data mining and customer segmentation.

As CEO Sam Singh explains: “Memorable Dubai is a high-tech and futuristic property service, unlike anything that the Dubai market has seen before. We are on the cusp of a once in a generation boom in property that is creating this modern, vibrant, multicultural city. We are proud to be the most tech-focused, A.I. powered and client centred property company in Dubai.”