Serving thousands of customers every hour across the region, here’s how talabat Mart is leading the q-commerce sector

Since its initial launch, talabat Mart has expanded its operation in the region, offering a selection of more than 7,000 products delivered from over 100 stores across eight markets. Providing consumers with a highly convenient, yet practical and hassle-free 24/7 experience – talabat Mart has grown into an operation, leveraging on talabat’s innovative tech that is designed to enable efficient order preparation and delivery in 30 minutes or less.

Did you know that more than a quarter of orders come from fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, dairy, seafood and more? talabat took a look at consumers’ ordering habits and found some interesting statistics, check them out below!

Delivering high quality produce

Produce quality and food safety teams on-site at each store in the region, perform strict quality checks before storing food in areas that are appropriately temperature controlled. Once an order is prepared, items are reviewed one final time before being sent for delivery.

Going bananas for…bananas?!

It’s always great to see people ordering fruits, and data shows that bananas are the consistent favorite fruit across the region – followed by oranges and apples! Zesty Jordanians enjoy lemons more than apples though.

Why are tomatoes the slowest vegetable? Because they can’t ketchup!

However, not in this case, tomatoes reign supreme under the vegetable category on talabat Mart, with cucumbers and potatoes not far behind!

Favoring water above all else – #IYKYK

Drinking water is easily one of the best ways to stay hydrated and healthy, so it’s no surprise that water is the most popular item regionally on talabat Mart, along with bananas and chocolate milk. In Jordan, the most ordered beverages are Pepsi, 7Up, and iced tea.

An ongoing debate, salty or sweet?

Our region has a sweet tooth – and talabat Mart unveiled that most markets love indulging in sweet over salty snacks, with only one market (looking at you, Bahrain) opting for the latter, as well as Jordan with Mini Cheetos Chips Sweet Corn in the lead in the salty category. As for sweets, Jordanian opted for Tiffany wafer break time to go along with their Ameed Turkish Coffee Medium With Cardamom

In addition to offering fresh produce, talabat Mart also carries a number of newly introduced special products which include:

Lots of healthy choices, including Mujeb Organic’s locally grown vegetables and eggs, Meatless Farm’s meat free vegan options, Koita organic milk and Santé cereals.

The greatestgrocery preparation:

talabat Mart ensures efficient and reliable delivery by using store management tech solutions to provide real time visibility throughout the process. This results in customers getting the products they want, when they want, and without the need for any modifications or substitutions to items in their orders. Additionally, optimized inventory management in each of the stores means that talabat Mart offers assorted items specifically catered to the needs of customers located in the same area as the store – ensuring that any and all of their necessities are available, at any given time.

Furthermore, capitalizing on talabat’s innovative tech, and making sure stores are located in the right place and time to have the greatest impact, enables over a thousand pickers across the region to prepare orders in less than 3 minutes on average! In-store employees responsible for collecting items or “pickers” are aware of each product’s exact location and optimize their picking route to save time – they know their game.

Bringing you the greatest delivery in the region in under 30 minutes: 

With the help of local teams and highly optimized tech, consumers in the region receive their orders in 30 minutes or less, and interestingly, the shortest delivery time regionally has been one minute!

Meeting customer needs

talabat’s grocery dedicated product & tech team constantly innovate and test to drive new ways to bring customers more relevance and help them find products faster. talabat uses its technology to better understand how customers shop and works with global household names on insights to learn about how to better serve customers in the region.

Here’s to taking the time to ensure good choices

In the region, consumers take an average of 12 minutes to browse talabat Mart, about the time one would take to listen to a few favorite songs! Leave it to talabat Mart to bring you the #greatestdelivery everyday.

Consumers can order their necessities on talabat Mart by downloading talabat through the iOS App Store, Google Playstore and Huawei App Gallery.