Talkwalker report: Challenger banks in the GCC are getting close to consumers

Talkwalker, the leading consumer intelligence company, today published its latest report, ‘GCC finance industry: The rise of the challenger bank’. It showcases the impact that challenger banks have on their parent banks’ digital footprint like share of voice, engagement, sentiment, and conversation topics.

“The finance industry is not immune to the incoming headwinds. Challenger banks appear to be in a better position compared with their parent banks simply because they are closer to their consumers and can leverage insights swiftly and effectively,” said Rami Deeb, Marketing Manager CEEMEA at Talkwalker. “Marketing professionals in the finance industry realize that their campaigns can have a lasting impact on people’s livelihoods – this is why they need to anticipate consumer priorities and expectations amid difficult economic environments.”

The report includes a wealth of data for marketing and insights experts looking to get closer to their consumer base in the GCC region. Specifically, a comparative analysis between some of the region’s leading banks and their challenger banks like Emirates NBD, Mashreq, and Gulf International Bank. Lastly, the report analyzes how marketing campaigns from financial institutions affect stock prices and how a CEO’s favorability score correlates to a brand’s online presence.

Consumer closeness enables brands to transform data into real-time consumer insight, effortlessly guide decision-making, and drive brand growth. With leading-edge brands in customer-centricity growing nearly 3x faster than the industry average.