The Importance of Cyber Security for Businesses

Today, every organization in virtually every industry in the world, is challenged with a risk of cyber-attack. From financial transactions and email correspondence to professional networking, organizations depend on technology to stay connected and work efficiently. However, when these communication channels become vulnerable to cyber security, it can have a devastative impact on the business. A successful cyber breach can cause significant damage to your business. It can impact your base line, as well as your reputation in the market and consumer trust.

Why is cyber security awareness important?

The importance of cyber security and its awareness cannot be overlooked. It is imperative for the survival of your business. Certainly, many organizations employ comprehensive cyber security systems, firewalls and advanced IT protocols to stay safe from cyber threats. However, the risk still remains high. Even the most innocent action of an employee can be devastating. Cyber threat is literally lurking in every online interaction, and unless employees are aware about the risk, their activities can cause severe damages.

Weakest Link

Almost 90 percent of all cyber-attacks involve human error  (SC Magazine & Security Intelligence) which can be prevented if simple measures are assured in an organization.  For example, regular software updates, two-factor authentication, and training employees to establish cyber security awareness and phishing campaigns. All these initiatives should be based on the realization that no organization or system is immune to cyber breach, however, risks can be reduced.

Thus, the most vulnerable source of cyber breach in a business is the human factor. If employees are not able to make an educated and informed decision something as simple as to which email attachment to click, then the business is at a high cyber security risk. Therefore, the importance of cyber security for a business is inevitable and its awareness should be an integral part of employee training programs. It is the responsibility of the management to create a workplace environment encompassed with the awareness of cyber security.

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