The Private Investment Group UNITES Monaco with the Middle East in an Ultra-Exclusive Thought Leadership Event

The event, UNITE—Unlocking New Investments, Trade & Economies—provided a platform for many of the Monaco family offices and funds to forge new relationships with their counterparts in the UAE. H.E Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman & CEO of the Dubai Multi Commodities Center presented a passionate keynote on how the countries have a huge potential moving forward, highlighting the focus on EXPO 2020, where the Monaco government have built a large pavilion to be an integral part of the 6-month EXPO.

Key figures in attendance at UNITE Monaco were James Caan CBE, famous for BBC Series Dragons Den as well as building one of Britain’s most successful funds, Christian Eidem who as well as leading Tesla in Scandinavia is a close advisor to Elon Musk, Mark Carleton a Director of Liberty Media the owners of Formula 1, Gérard Ohresser the CEO of Edmond de Rothschild Bank and many other global business figures.

Mr Alastair Lidel, Founder & CEO of The Private Investment Group said, “Monaco has for many years been an important place for me and The Private Investment Group.  UNITE has given us the chance to bring together many of our partners again and some of the most formidable minds of our time.”  

Mr Lidel continued, “As the saying goes, 2 heads are better than 1 and 3 heads are better than 2, so for us bringing over 130 minds together of this caliber alongside some of the most exciting companies in the world inevitably creates discussions and partnerships that I have already begun to see flourish since the event.  I look forward to the eve of EXPO 2020 on September 30th when UNITE Dubai will bring a show stopping gala to the wonderful Emirates.”

Mr Obediah Ayton the Chief Operating Officer of The Private Investment Group said, “The unique aspect of Unite Monaco, was creating an environment where family offices and private wealth felt comfortable. Creating such an atmosphere allowed families and UHNW to open up about their focuses post covid pandemic.”

A select group of exceptional companies, people and great opportunities for the local economies partnered with UNITE Monaco sharing the same ethos of adding value to the regions, supporting trade, social and economic progress.

OneAgrix the world’s largest agricultural and Halal ecosystem infrastructure project addressing the five great Food System challenges facing humanity: Food Quality, Food Safety, Food Authenticity, Food Trust and Food Security. 

FlavorGod is a leading worldwide brand that focuses on food seasonings that are both healthy & all-natural. 

Synctuition is a company with an ambitious mission to increase awareness and improve mental health globally. Their audio mindfulness app called “Synctuition” became within 2 years one of the Top 3 mindfulness apps in the world. has the mission to disrupt the current perception of women’s health as a burden and liberate women from pain and anxieties without any medications.

DEASYL has a Swiss R&D laboratory oriented and focused solely on green processes, it has licensing technologies for users of petrochemical products. 

Transmutex is developing an entirely new nuclear energy production process that was experimentally demonstrated at CERN in Geneva under the leadership of Professor Carlo Rubbia (Nobel Laureate Physics 1984).

Ponte Health Global Corp. is a corporation specializing in the Development and Holdings of Medical Facilities that are carbon-neutral, technology integrated, and patient and data driven.

Zippe International is committed to organize and implement the design and import of high-quality textiles.

SportX uses deep-learning data mining techniques to trade the most liquid sports markets in the world.

Sebastian Vanzen has developed his own oil on canvas paint techniques to create so-called 3D oil sculptures. 

ADMCS is a Swiss group created in 2020 to solve the gigantic economic and environmental wastes that plague the $12T container market.

The Bridge App is a cutting edge platform designed to connect the world of investment with the most innovative companies from around the globe.