Thought Leader Interview: Dr. H.C. Azeeza Jalaludeen

Tell us about yourself, your background and what it is you do

Born and brought up in Singapore, of Indian-Arab origin, one of my biggest gift is to have studied Chinese in school for the first 12 years of my education. I am effectively multi-lingual in English, Mandarin, Tamil and English. I had my first career experiences in banking, advertising and the travel industry, in customer relations and sales departments.

In 2002, as a home-maker with 4 children, I turned to business, pioneering the trainers/coaches transformation industry from Asia.

With over 20 years’ experience, weathering many various relationships, financial and health breakdowns, I received breakthroughs in personal alignment to my higher purpose in business that gave me clarity, resilience and new level of commitment in life. I started mentoring Business Leaders on business & personal vision alignment and creating roadmaps for them to live a purpose-driven life.

This business has evolved to be the first of its kind. A Hi-Tech Hi-Touch GoGLOBAL Accelerator Ecosystem, holding a vision of Global Peace through Global Business.

Tell us about SHINE GoGlobal Asia and how it helps business leaders?

Mr Ayyappa Dass & I founded Our SHINE GoGLOBAL Ltd, Singapore, in 2018, with a group of companies – GoGLOBAL Business School, GoGLOBAL Trading and GoGLOBAL Technologies.

I am the experiment of all that we do in our business, as I have been experiencing and working with thousands who have struggled in going global, especially in the training and coaching industry in/from Asia.

We know the struggle business leaders face; lack of business clarity, scaling up issues, inability to get the right connections, lack of innovation in the business model, poor online visibility and digital presence, no technology support, and most of all the funding strategies and resources to grow globally.

Under the mentorship of Dame Doria Cordova, the owner of Excellerated Business School, USA – Money & You Program, the world’s longest running and leading experiential business program since (1979), we have the advantage of working with the pioneers and mentors of mentors in the industry, who have mentored and worked with Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and the likes.

Through Transformational Programs, we guide business leaders to get clarity in your mind and heart in order to operate as a business owner and move away from the self-employed mindset.

You have probably heard the saying, “Your Network is your net-worth”. We know from our experiences that the real quality of your network is your real net-worth. Thus, we work on bringing together quality global influencers to support your globalisation.

There are many myths and unclear messages on the funding process and ways to increase a business valuation. Since 2013, we have also been offering conscious capitalism education in Asia. Business leaders learn to create Value-Added Funding Strategies, structures, a financial roadmap with vision alignment, and to provide the resources to create a generational wealth system.

In order to facilitate the success of this accelerator ecosystem, we have been bringing together experienced trainers/coaches/ mentors to be in our GoGLOBAL Conscious Leaders community, with access to at least 150,000 business leaders globally.

These conscious influencers co-create, collaborate and co-promote programs and events to support the growth of the business leaders.

It’s mentionable that we started online and hybrid programs in 2011. Our recent partnership with Global Sparks International, a charity-owned USA portal, means our online platform supports everyone to generate online revenue since 2020.

To date, we have conducted more than 10,000 hours of online and offline events, successfully empowering and uplifting thousands of business leaders from over 40 countries.

SGG has a commitment to raise SGD118 million for SMEs, tell us more about this challenge.

The investment is to innovate new business models, inculcate new trends and technologies, building digital assets. This includes exploring NFTs with meaningful content creation as part of the legacy planning. So this funding will be a great booster to impact more lives together.

It’s mentionable that there is a growing number of females coming into the industry and they can grow together as a Global community.

We completed our founding and co-founding round pre-covid. Now we are in the Angel Round with a very creative and value-added funding strategy for investors to benefit, and we will get into institutional funds after that.

With all our efforts in building this conscious community for the last 20 years, we have road mapped for listing Our SHINE GoGLOBAL Ltd, in Singapore by the end of 2023.

In line with this milestone, we also want to increase our valuation. Through this funding, we are collectively becoming a trend setter in this under-explored trillion dollar industry, maximising returns in many innovative lucrative ways, to benefit all shareholders and stakeholders.

Our target is to create 100,000 Conscious Business leaders in our community, who each have a successful $20mil annual revenue business. Imagine the impact we can create with such a community in Asia.

We are committed for all countries to enjoy National Growth, and for all to experience Regional Development and Global Prosperity through our GoGLOBAL Conscious Leaders community.

What is the first step to getting started with fundraising?

The first step is to be very clear what you will be offering to your investor for his/her investment and that you are 100% happy and aligned with that offer, you know your numbers, what the real worth of your business is and what are you offering. Is it equity or debt funding and can your business model really achieve the targets.

What are the main components investors look for when deciding to invest?

Investors want to know if their money is safe with you. How are you making your money to give them returns and how can they exit the business?

What is your exit strategy for the investor?

Though track record matters, the most important question to ask is, what is the industry/business potential and the scalability and sustainability of the business model. We ask, is your business pandemic-proof?

A funding consultant I met in my first visit to Silicon Valley in 2015, told me that investors nowadays (even back then) are looking at investing in projects that “make money doing good”. Now, more than ever, investors want to know what positive impact your business can create for the world.

A trusted reliable professional team, to start with to be able to handle primary operations, finance and sales of the business is a crucial deciding factor for investors.

Some other important factors include your clarity in your vision, how confident you are in your business model, plus your communication and leadership skills.

Ultimately, your attitude matters, founders who are resilient and committed ultimately win the funding game, as all of the above can be learned, tweaked and improved upon.

What are the top struggles facing women who are raising funds/looking for investment?

It’s the drive of women in growing their business that creates doubts in investors.

The lack in drive, I call it roadblocks, comes about because women struggle with their own self-limiting believes. This is the self-inflicted constraints of what we can or cannot do, based on others’ views.

Women always try to balance family and business, and fail miserably. Many often give family/children as excuses for any issues showing up in business, reducing trust in their ability to deliver in the business.

Women can become emotionally attached to the business or in relationships, resulting in the inability to make clear level headed decisions.

The above issues also lead to difficulty in finding the right partners & aligned team to work with.

How can they overcome these struggles?

These are also struggles I faced and still face sometimes, and work on myself constantly to stay on track and to remain cause above self to achieve our results at every phase of our business.

Primarily, we need to have Self-Mastery – building self-esteem and self-confidence, by letting go of any past memories of trauma, distrust, betrayal, etc.

It’s very important to ensure relationships are healed with men, as we need to work with men as a unit in business, complementing and collaborating, leveraging on each other’s strengths, in making whole-brain decisions for the highest good of the business.

We created the Conscious Leadership framework for business leaders to thrive in today’s economy:

1. Improve your wisdom in handling your emotions

2. Become mentally and physically strong

3. Clarity in Financial management and relationship with money

4. Staying connected to trust our intuition – being spiritually aware

5. Learn all the current and future trends – environment of your business and the economy

How can our readers find out more about you and your business community?

Business Leaders can register for our global community at

Trainers/ Coaches and Consultants can apply to be in our GoGLOBAL Conscious Leaders Community at

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