Thought Leader Interview: Tariq Azeemi

Through the vision of this banker, many new companies in the UAE have achieved strategic economic and business success. Tariq Azeemi speaks to Bizpreneur Middle East about his amazing career and impressive credentials. In addition to his experience in sectors ranging from Retail Sales Network to Retail Banking, Tariq Azeemi has been a business consultant for over 15 years, providing expertise in sales, customer services, business strategy, planning, and development. As an executive director at Red Berry Corporate Services, he helps form new companies, invest in businesses, and create economic growth in the UAE. Moreover, he provides advice on the various forms of business, the structuring and restructuring of legal entities, as well as the creation of holding and branch companies. He is an experienced business advisor and a corporate counsel who has knowledge in a plethora of business-related subjects. Mr. Azeemi readily assists clients in all things legal and business-related.

How would you describe your role as a business advisor? And as a consultant for investors in the UAE, what type of advice do you provide?

Currently, I am a business advisor to the office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmad Bin Faisal al Qassimi. Aside from that, I have also work as a business advisor for various corporate and new investors, assisting them with legal structures, business establishments, and investment strategies. One of my strengths is assisting companies that want to expand into Dubai, overseeing their incorporation process. Over the course of my career, I have helped companies engaged in the manufacturing of medicine, industrial plants, and factories. Having extensive knowledge in business establishments and company incorporations, I consider myself one of the foremost business incorporation experts in the UAE. Over the past few years, companies in sectors as diverse as nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, medicine, pharmaceuticals, consultancy, biotechnology, and retail have been established under my supervision.

What has been your journey so far – before holding this office.

I worked for eight years as a Manager at United Bank Limited in Pakistan before becoming a business owner. This course taught me empathetic soft skills like people management, and how to solve problems based on customer needs. For two years following my arrival in the UAE, I worked as an Assistant Vice President for corporate services, leading a team of seasoned business consultants and contributing to the company’s revenue by 20%.

Can you explain how money making and advisory became your expertise? What is the full scope of red berry’s business?

With our company formation services, Red Berry corporate services has helped hundreds of new companies to establish legal structures and get established over the years. Despite my strong opinion that every client wants great services, I still believe that listening to clients and understanding them is the key to securing more clients. The desire to contribute to the economic development of the UAE and create more competitive business opportunities in the country also evolves with time, and I continually work in a strategic manner to make it a reality. Changing careers from a banker to a company establishment consultant was an easy transition. Growing with my company helped me adapt quickly. Learning is my life’s passion, and I never let an opportunity to learn pass me by. Having spent eight years working in the banking industry in Pakistan set the foundation for this transition, and I swiftly learned the corporate and banking laws that supported it. The journey of life teaches us about evolution. Through exposure and experience, our mental abilities continue to develop. Knowledge and expertise can be gained through exposure and experience.

What kind of businesses has red berry supported in the past?

As an example, Red Berry has worked with clients such as Mermaid Subsea Services International, Ecolog International, a logistics and facility management company in the UAE, and Sunrise, an Australian food processing company, among other companies. My work in Dubai has helped establish companies such as Global Petro Storage, a Singapore company, and Seguro Private Wealth and Insurance Brokerage.

What do you think is the key to a successful business?

Here are a few key factors I believe make a business successful;

– Understand the market and the clients.

– You should provide products and services that meet their needs and fill market gaps.

– It is a coin with two sides: one side is your market, and the other side is your product. They should complement each other perfectly.

– Establish your financial model and prepare your business plan.

If the UAE continues to grow at this speed, where do you see it in 50 years?

UAE’s growth is exponential. The covid-19 shock has been overcome very quickly and since 95.78 percent of the population has been vaccinated, much of the road to recovery has been traveled. Businesses are flourishing as a result of Expo 2020’s economic growth. The event is expected to attract billions of attendees to Dubai. As always, the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, is a determining factor in how the entire nation is progressing. In addition to his 50 Projects and 2071 Centennial Plan, the country is likely to progress in leaps and bounds. Oil exports accounted for 85% of the economic growth in 2009, but things have changed now, and other sectors have developed thanks to the superior planning of the leaders. The future looks bright.

Editor-In-Chief of Bizpreneur Middle East