UAE’s construction boom and digital transformation reshape the job market in 2023, says report, the Gulf’s fastest-growing job site, today unveiled its comprehensive report on the top employer searches conducted on its platform in 2023. With over 10,000 employers and 14-million+ job seekers using the portal, the data not only sheds light on prevalent industry trends but also provides valuable insights into the preferences of employers across key Gulf countries. 

The Gulf region continues to be a dynamic hub for job seekers and employers alike. In 2023, the job market witnessed noticeable energy as employers sought talent across diverse sectors.’s report delves into the nuanced preferences and demands of employers, offering an understanding of the Gulf’s employment dynamics.

According to the report, in the UAE, the construction and real estate sector took the lead This surge aligns with the ongoing construction boom in the region. The IT, Telecom, and internet sector closely followed at the second spot. Employers demonstrated a strong focus on sales professionals and engineers , indicative of the demand for talent in customer-facing roles and technical expertise. Further, the country’s job market witnessed a notable preference for entry-level professionals. Following closely, there was a substantial demand for senior-level expertise. This dual emphasis underscores a balanced pursuit of both emerging talent and seasoned professionals in the employment landscape. 

Additionally, as per the report, the most coveted roles in 2023 encompassed Sales, Project Managers, and Business Analyst positions, reflecting the country’s robust demand for professionals driving business growth and innovation. Moreover, employers reported prioritizing candidates with expertise in project management for strategic execution, emphasized the significance of outstanding customer service skills, and sought professionals adept in business development to drive strategic growth initiatives.

Sharad Sindhwani, EVP & Business Head at, commented, “2023’s data reveals a compelling narrative in the Gulf job market. As we observed, in the UAE, employers are actively seeking candidates proficient in customer service and business development – skills integral to thriving in a dynamic business landscape. As the UAE continues its upward trajectory, our outlook for 2024 anticipates sustained demand for talent, emphasizing the region’s resilience and commitment to innovation in the job market.”

This year, across the Gulf, distinct trends emerged in each country’s job market. In Saudi Arabia, the oil, gas, chemical, and energy sector dominated the employment trend, with a notable demand for engineers. Similarly, Qatar exhibited a reliance on energy and a tech jobs surge, along with demand for sales and business development roles. In Oman as well, the strategic importance of the oil, gas, chemical, and energy sector was evident. Apart from this sector, Kuwait also displayed an emphasis on healthcare in hiring, particularly for senior-level positions. Bahrain’s diverse job market, on the other hand, featured construction and real estate hiring. These insights reflect the unique economic landscapes and priorities shaping the employment scenarios in each Gulf country.

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