Book Review: Grow Regardless By Joe Mechlinski

This week I sat down to read Grow Regardless by Joe Mechlinski, a New York Times Bestselling Author.

Forbes has described the book as “a book that will become a part of every entrepreneur’s library”, so my expectations were high.

Grow Regardless is aimed at executives, leaders and those driving the business forward in decision-making positions.

I do wonder why the book is written towards Americans when the lessons of business growth apply worldwide, but if you can overlook this you will gain valuable techniques to grow your business.

In this age of innovation we need to work harder and focus on new skills, one of the innovations Joe recommends is 3-4 hours training as a team every week. Training is important and should be a regular activity for everyone. He removes the premonition that training and re-setting should only happen when the business or an aspect of the company is failing.

“The second you take your eye off the ball, that’s the second you’re taking something for granted.”

Business development is all about leadership, workforce development and employee retention. These three areas can all be successfully managed and grown through building strong, trusting relationships.

Grow Regardless is based on the eQ growth methodology, a concept Joe implements himself at his management consulting firm entreQuest. The methodology is based on growing relationships between the CEO, management, front line staff and the customer/client. All these relationships are equally important to business growth and are proven strategies. Joe uses implementation examples for a diverse range of companies and gives you actionable tasks so you can implement the eQ growth methodology straight away.

Are you ready to reset your company for success?

You can get a copy of Grow Regardless HERE.

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