How Independence Is At the Core of Business Pitching

November 22nd marks the Lebanese Independence Day. This small country that I call home has been through a lot in its young existence. Wars were waged, innocent people have died and people are constantly praying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, you’ll always find Lebanese citizens expressing their love for their country in all four corners of the globe on this fateful autumn day.

It takes a lot of perseverance and sacrifice to earn a country’s independence. The same can be said about entrepreneurship. It’s not easy to leave the comfort of a safe job and throw one’s self into the arena of uncertainty. And to make things worse…

Imagine having to face a fear of public speaking in the process.

Here are some business pitching tips to think about based on Lebanon’s struggle for independence:

1. Be patient – It took 23 years for Lebanon to take its independence from the French mandate in 1943. And an engaging pitch takes time to materialize. So keep at it until you have a pitch that flows well and covers all bases.

2. Be critical – At first independence was proclaimed by the French in 1941 with nothing effectively changing on the ground. So make sure to fine tune your pitch, even after receiving a standing ovation. Every situation requires a different game plan on your behalf.

3. Be ready to fight back – Leaders of the Lebanese independence movement were first imprisoned by the French to pressure them. If tough questions come your way after your pitch, don’t yield to the pressure. Be resolute and composed in your answers.

4. Don’t rest on your laurels – French troops only completed their withdrawal from Lebanon in 1946, three years after the official independence date. So, even if you have no imminent need for it, keep practicing your pitch. Opportunity might be just around the corner.

Remember the first time you drove a car? Remember that feeling of freedom that took over? You probably placed your hand outside the window, feeling the wind push against it. And you probably felt alive for the very first time. This is exactly what a business pitch can deliver.

May you soar high and feel empowered the next time you pitch your million-dollar idea. Because nothing is more rewarding that gaining your independence… from a full-time job.

Rabih El Khodr is an independent communication trainer and consultant with close to a decade of professional experience spanning across the Levant, the GCC, and North America. He is the founder of public speaking consultancy Standup Communication, with a presence in Lebanon and the UAE. He is the official training partner of the ArabNet conferences in Riyadh and Beirut, training entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and businesses as part of regional competitions.

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