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Customer Service: The MOST Important Softskill

Customer Service: The MOST Important Softskill

What is a customer? “Anyone to whom a service is provided.” Why is customer service so important? The standard of customer service portrays you or your organization, it can directly affect profit, it promotes success and ultimately it can be paramount to survival. The 3 questions you need to know the answer for customer service

What Is Soft Skills Training?

People generally tend to focus on attending or developing their skills on concepts relating to knowledge or business acumen. However, what we fail to realise is that the most powerful skill to develop in oneself is Soft Skills. Soft skills is a sociological term relating to a person’s “EQ” (Emotional Quotient), the cluster of personality

Soft Skills – Why do we need them?

Employers want to select, retain and promote individuals who are dependable, resourceful, ethical and good communicators. Gone are the days when possessing a degree or high technical abilities would act as a gateway to a dream job. Today, demanding employers want more from employees than knowledge and experience. While these “hard skills” can make a

Is Communication An Overly Communicated Topic?

Hundreds and hundreds of articles are written about communication. In almost every soft skills training, no matter what topic we’re discussing, communication is addressed. Is communication overly communicated as a topic? The answer is a definite NO. Why? I believe lack of effective communication is still the number one reason for most of the problems

Break Your 4 Minute Mile

It was a windy May afternoon in 1954 at Oxford. A far bigger crowd than would normally have been seen at the university’s stadium gathered there because word had gone round lecture halls, coffee shops, pubs and places that something historical was going to happen. An attempt was to be made on the four-minute mile