Company Spotlight: Innovative Human Resource Solutions

Amanda White is the Managing Director at Innovative Human Resource Solutions Dubai.

Tell Us More About Innovative?

The business started in 1999 in response to the need in the market for a high-quality assessment and talent development practice to support the rapidly growing economy. We were the first group, and today we are the largest group, of Occupational Psychologists, Coaches and Learning and Development Specialists consulting in the Gulf. The region has seen unprecedented growth and change in just a couple of generations.

Preparing leaders and talent for the future to both harness and drive the growth has been at the forefront of political agenda of this country (United Arab Emirates) and our neighbours; Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. In addition to working with individuals, we also work at the organizational level designing talent, succession and performance frameworks in line with corporate strategy.

How Do You Help Companies?

We work with companies in two distinct and yet connected ways; at both an organizational and individual level. On the one hand, we help organisations to articulate and define their talent, performance and succession planning strategies and frameworks, and on the other hand we work at an individual-level to support high-potential talent to develop and succeed through assessment, coaching and behavioural change programmes.

Which Client Projects Have Been A Success?

We have had a number of notable achievements this year. One of my personal highlights has been taking place now for the past 18 months. It is with one of the most prestigious Saudi Semi-Government entities and this is the first time they have undergone any assessment or individual development initiative.

We started by defining the attributes of the Leaders of Tomorrow by defining performance, potential and engagement. Through a process of internal nominations and review, we then arrived at a pool of 100 high-potential Saudi Nationals occupying senior to director-level positions.

All 100 have now completed a comprehensive diagnostic development centre with observed business simulations in group, individual and one-to-one settings in Arabic. They have also completed personality questionnaires and ability assessments and we have then provided feedback and reports. Of these individuals, 40 have been identified and mapped to future positions.

We are now providing Executive Coaching in Arabic to those 40 individuals. Without exception the feedback has been overwhelming., most have said that throughout their career this is the first time they have received any meaningful feedback.

The idea of having coaching conversations has taken on such a lease of life that we are now in the process of designing a Coaching Skills Workshop for all Line Managers, and three of their senior managers have requested to go on our 4-day Association for Coaching Programme toward becoming Accredited Coaches!

What Has Made Your Business A Success?

I think the secret to our success has been our unwavering commitment to quality, consistency, fairness and transparency.

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