Creating Engaging Study Opportunities for Learners Using Quizlet

Learning knowledge based terms and definitions can be a difficult task. Instructors often struggle to find ways to make learning the content outside of the classroom engaging.

Students often struggle to find ways to stay focused on the content. Traditional methods are often low or no-technology, such as reading, highlighting, and basic flash cards. Enter Quizlet as an opportunity to make learning terms and definitions easy and engaging for both instructors and learners.

Quizlet is a website that allows instructors and learners alike to create study sets of terms and definitions. Think of a study set as a traditional flash card, which makes Quizlet an ideal tool for knowledge-based information learning. Users enter the information into a basic form or you can import the information directly from a spreadsheet or by copying and pasting it into the site. Quizlet also supports entering sets from alphabets and characters for numerous languages directly on the site, including Arabic. Once the study set is created, Quizlet has a number of learning tools available that take the traditional flash card model to a more engaging level.

There are currently 6 study tools available in Quizlet for study sets. “Flashcards” are web-based flashcards that also allow shuffling/randomizing and listening with audio. “Learn” operates as a review tool that tracks right and wrong answers and helps you focus on the items you haven’t mastered yet. “Speller” provides audio and asks the learner to type what is said. “Test” is a testing mode that randomly creates a test based on the study set. “Scatter” does drag and drop matching on a timed clock. “Space Race” scrolls terms and definitions across the screen and asks learners to type in the answers. The audio functions in the study tools are available in 18 languages, including Arabic. The variety of tools available makes knowledge based learning more engaging and caters to different learning styles.

Beyond learning there are a number of additional tools available to instructors and learners. Basic accounts allow instructors or students to create a class as well as view and discuss study sets. Instructors can also upgrade from a free account to a paid account for $25 a year that allows teachers to create unlimited classes, track class progress, eliminate ads on study sets, upload images to study sets, and add voice recordings. Students can create a paid account for $15 a year that allows learners to create unlimited classes, eliminates ads, upload images and add voice recordings. There are also two additional features available in Quizlet. The program is compatible with mobile devices, making it easy to use anytime, anywhere you go. In addition, study sets can be shared online with others around the world to view and use.

Creating engaging ways for learners to master knowledge based information in an asynchronous format can be a challenge. Truly engaging opportunities can also be time intensive for instructors to develop. Quizlet offers the best of both worlds: easy to develop study sets with varied tools for learners. Next time you are offering instruction to learners that is content heavy and you are looking for a fast, effective, and portable study option for your learners, give Quizlet a try.

Joshua Mathews Ailsworth currently serves as Informatics Educator Lead at Sidra Medical & Research Center in Doha, Qatar. Joshua is an experienced learning and development professional with a background in higher education, long-term care, and medical centers. Joshua is passionate about the philosophy and psychology of learning, learner engagement, and the role of technology in enhancing the learning experience.

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