Training Tip: Technology for Trainers

Do you use technology as part of your course delivery technique? Here are some fun ways to incorporate technology into your next training session:

Google Docs – Collect pre-course information and end course evaluation.

TrainedOn – Ditch the outdated Excel spreadsheet and prepare your training plan on The site offers a flexible and dynamic alternative to creating schedules and plans on spreadsheets. You can sign up for free to use just the planner or if you want extra storage and collaboration you can upgrade for $12 per month.

Promote – Promote aids the learning transfer for participants before and after the training course ( Promote incorporates assignments, goal lists and social learning.

Worldle – Wordle is a great resource you can use in class at the end of a day/week/topic. It is great for encouraging interactivity and collaboration.

ShowMe – ShowMe is a virtual Smart Board in the form of an iPad App. You can draw, type and add graphics. You can link up the iPad to the data projector during a training session or design a ‘ShowMe’ ahead of time to share with delegates during training.

Wiki – Wiki is a great resource for distributing pre-course training material. Create the resources on Wiki and share the link to the material with the participants, they can respond to questions, input information or use it for a pre-course assignment. Wiki is fantastic for collaboration, participants can respond to each other and interact before the course. It is also useful for gaining an insight into the knowledge levels of each participant.

What technology would you recommend to other trainers?

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