Training Tip – Completing Performance Appraisals

Why are performance appraisals an important management tool? Performance appraisals communicate organization and department goals, build stronger worker relationships, improve productivity, identify poor/marginal performers, identify the employee’s general training needs and they support HR decisions (promotions, raises etc). For the employee, the benefits of performance appraisals are just as great. Each individual employee’s accomplishments are […]

Training Tip: Communication in Conflict Resolution

Effective conflict resolution invariably comes down to effective communication. Here are my 6 key principles for resolving conflict. These six principles are core to the principle of respecting the individual and communicating your genuine desire to seek a resolution. Be clear about what you want to achieve. It is unlikely to be enough just to […]

Training Tip: Keeping Trainees Engaged in Learning

Do you know how to engage mindsets, ask questions, involve people, contextualize content into areas more relevant to them and get them enthusiastic about training? What disengages students from learning? – Boring delivery of information. – An uninteresting subject. – Interesting but irrelevant topics. – Confusing information that requires too much work to clarify, so […]