Training Tip: Keeping Trainees Engaged in Learning

Do you know how to engage mindsets, ask questions, involve people, contextualize content into areas more relevant to them and get them enthusiastic about training?

What disengages students from learning?

– Boring delivery of information.

– An uninteresting subject.

– Interesting but irrelevant topics.

– Confusing information that requires too much work to clarify, so people don’t bother.

– Same old same old training methods/techniques that deliver no benefit.

Here are my top tips for keeping learners engaged throughout the learning process:

  • Sell the benefits – Why is the training valuable? How will it help them?
  • Be passionate, enthusiastic and lead the class strongly and the students will follow.
  • Examine what puts you off training and ensure you don’t fall into that trap.
  • Use interactive experiential material whenever possible.
  • Allow open questions throughout the training.

At the end of each session/topic ask each learner to turn to the person on their right and tell them the best thing they learnt in the last session.


  • Engagement and interactivity is key to keeping learners engaged.
  • Make your presentations interesting.
  • Use an icebreaker to set an interactive, relaxed atmosphere for the training.

Editor-In-Chief of Bizpreneur Middle East

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