Day In The Life Of Scarlet Stilling

Tell Us More About Your Background?

After I studied languages (German, English, Spanish and French) I started with journalism and my first job was in TV for a German channel called Sat1. The experience I had was great but I knew this was not my path.

What Made You Get Into Entrepreneurship?

After I experienced working in other companies, I decided I wanted to be my own boss, build my own business and be an entrepreneur. In 2010, I launched a luxury magazine covering the jet set, luxury lifestyle. After 4 years, a client asked if he could buy the magazine as a business for his wife, so we sold it. Through my passion for horses and polo, in 2015, I decided to launch my second magazine on the topic of kings polo and the beautiful lifestyle around it. As of today I still run this magazine and I’m not planning on selling it but we offer franchise options, so anyone who is interested in owning a magazine in their country can buy the license from us and establish their magazine.

Also, one big factor in my journey into entrepreneurship is that I am from a family of entrepreneurs, which gives me my passion.  

What Current Business Trends Do You See?

I see big transformations, especially in the digital world. More and more brands and companies have to be present online now. Even press, events and fashion shows are more and more present digitally.

Having owned a magazine with both print and digital editions, we can clearly see a trend into digitalization in recent years. Apps, online media, the way we advertise and the way we consume media and buy products is changing, we are becoming a more digital world. Also, I see more companies and brands are developing their own apps.

Another big trend is ‘Work from Home‘. Even as economies slowly reopen and employees are finally allowed to return to work, companies will continue to be tasked with protecting employees from possible outbreak resurgences. Even smaller companies are keeping this newfound flexibility as an operational option.

What Interesting Projects Have You Implemented?

One of my recent projects is my unique luxury lifestyle brand POLO Beauty Group where we have products to make you feel good. We have developed a range of highly effective and luxurious Body & Skincare products. The line is imbued with bio active award winning ingredients which are vegan and cruelty free. Every single product we make is a Complex Formula. We pack the most ingredients at the highest levels of concentration to deliver maximum results without a single drop of artificial chemicals. Deep working formulas, with a high concentration of natural ingredients, are developed by our research and development laboratory, in order to offer a  revolutionary new range of natural unique and effective products that deliver  healthier, better protected, more radiant – looking skin – for you. When you look good, you feel good! 

Then, I also created the home range with amazing handmade scented soy wax candles and home fragrances. Our home fragrance for example ‘The Pomegrante Noir Room Spray’ has a beautiful scent that makes any room smell incredibly fresh with a tinge of a cologne feel.

Take Us Through Your Typical Work Day.

The beautiful thing is, I don’t have a typical work day because everyday is different and exactly what I love. But to give you an idea, I usually wake up at around 8am and I start my day with a Mediterranean diet tea with fresh lemon. After that I take my morning walk, which for me, is the perfect start to my work day. I will then answer emails and calls. We have our team meeting everyday at 12pm. After that I have a light lunch. In the afternoon I plan a lot of content for my magazine, the digital platform and the quarterly issue. When I am finished with my work at the magazine, I continue working on my lifestyle brand POLO BEAUTY Group, doing social media planning, or work, writing blog posts, and planning our pop-ups so consumers can get an idea of our products personally, smelling, touching and trying each of them.

How Can Readers Find Out More About You?

You can read my blog section in my magazine called THE EDIT on where I write about topics and recommendations I’m passionate about it.

Also on my Instagram @polo_lifestyle_magazine I’m very active on this channel with regular posts and live talks.

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