Entrepreneur Spotlight: Alexandre Rigaud, CEO & Co-Founder Of Step

Tell Us More About Your Background?

I am Alexandre Rigaud, the CEO and Co-Founder of STEP, the company behind FitWin. We operate worldwide and have enabled the launch of wellness white-label apps in over 10 countries across the GCC, Europe, and Africa.

Innovation and entrepreneurship have always driven me to extend my potentials, which is why I came up with various use cases for blockchain technology at an early age, and I have been doing so for several years now. My enthusiasm for advanced technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency gave me the chance to have multi speaks at  TopCEO, Google’s MENA headquarters, as well as in various  blockchain  and crypto events in the region.  Nevertheless, my passion towards transmitting knowledge and exchanging expertise motivated me to get into the teaching sector, and I am a teacher at INSEEC University.  

Since my early realizations, I have been interested in computers and code. I pursued this interest throughout my career and gained understanding of the technology space through hands-on experience in companies such as Apple. Lastly, I am also fluent in five languages because I believe that grasping the maximum amount of knowledge requires knowing other cultures, which happens perfectly once we are aware of the language as it tells a lot about a nation. Having been born in Hong Kong from Australian and French parents and brought up around the globe, cultural awareness drives me on a daily basis.

What Made You Set-Up/Develop FitWin?

Having weighed 120 KG in my teens, I tried different ways of maximizing my potential, and I found out that maintaining a better physical shape was essential. To accomplish my wellness goal, motivation was one of the most important keys that helped keep me going, become healthier, and maintain it. Not only that, but I also noticed how being motivated has affected all aspects of my health and state.

Staying fit is a big commitment, and it may seem challenging for most of us. However, with the right motivation and guidance, we can discover some qualities in us such as grit, patience, and dedication that we never knew existed. This is the idea behind FitWin; through the app, we aim to motivate our users and reward them in their individual fitness journeys.

How Are Mobile Applications Re-Shaping The Fitness Industry?

Some of the most innovative mobile apps today were created because of the growing need for physical fitness while practicing social distancing measures. I believe these apps have helped the fitness industry survive despite the pandemic and reinvented a big part of it.

For example, these apps today do not only focus on helping us make our workout plan; we have also added social features so that users won’t have to feel isolated in their fitness journey. In the first place, it should never have been that way.

The fitness industry has also become more diversified since users can now have access to more ideas and resources for workout plans and get up to date information regarding various competitions. Of course, they can now set more realistic goals and maintain a track record of their progress at more reasonable prices.

How Can Entrepreneurs Make Use Of The Online Medium To Create Businesses?

Since the dawn of the Internet and these recent innovations, we have entirely reimagined how we do business. It is leaner now to operate a business due to the rise of online platforms and B2B services.

Entrepreneurs also have a wider reach, thanks to smart devices and internet access. This is not just limited to potential customers: businesses can connect with potential partners, business experts, and investors. Moreover, we are now seeing companies closing their physical offices and working remotely instead.

How Can FitWin Help Entrepreneurs And Business Leaders?

On a personal level, entrepreneurs and business leaders can benefit from FitWin in at least two ways. First, the app will encourage them to focus on their health, enabling them — both physically and mentally — to reach their business goals. Second, FitWin is an example of how you can always find a way to implement your idea in a business, especially one that will add value to the community.

On the business side, they get exclusive market advantage through FitWin by having special access to our community as prize sponsors. For example, Warner Bros or Careem can advertise their brand by offering vouchers to the FitWin community, and in essence become not only a part of our app, but also part of our campaigns.

How Can Readers Find Out More About You?

Readers can find me on FitWin through our amazing social section. They can also check my LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arigaud/.

Editor-In-Chief of Bizpreneur Middle East