Company Spotlight: FasterCapital

Tell us about FasterCapital. What do you do?

FasterCapital is an online incubator, accelerator, and service provider for start-ups and small businesses. What we do is we support entrepreneurial journeys throughout their different and various phases. We offer technical and software development solutions for first-time entrepreneurs and for start-ups that are looking for a technical team or a technical cofounder through our Technical Cofounder program. For entrepreneurs who have already created their product we offer sales, marketing, and growth hacks through our Grow your Startup program. For businesses that are looking for funding opportunities, we help them in getting matched with the right funding sources through our Raise Capital program. We work with different and various stages and verticals.

What made you set-up FasterCapital?

FasterCapital was founded in 2010. Our technical cofounder program was the only program we offered back then. Technology had been on the rise and many entrepreneurs fell out of place with the rapid-fast technological advancement. We started this program to help people who have great ideas in achieving and concretizing their visions and later on we go on a quest to find out what our clients need and how we can bring them closer to their goals.  

How do you help entrepreneurs and business leaders?

We help entrepreneurs in various ways; we offer technical services like software, AI, UX and UI, and cross-platform development. We also offer sales and marketing outsourcing services; digital marketing, social media marketing and content marketing, among others. We also help founders and business leaders in getting connected with a huge network of mentors, investors, and ecosystem partners who we believe can help them move forward.

Which client projects have been a success?

FasterCapital has some interesting success stories. Most of the graduated start-ups in our network have been in our Tech Cofounder program. We have worked on developing many tech startups like Beamgift, PickTaxi, EduNoor, and LetUsCloud. We are currently working with DibIn, Volonte`, and Huddl5 which we think are all interesting and high-potential businesses.  

You recently launched a start-up program to support female entrepreneurs, tell us more about that.

Sure, FasterCapital is aiming at making women founders journeys smoother and easier because we believe there are many women entrepreneurs out there who need the support. Our women founders’ cohort starts on 16th June each year and lasts for one month. We offer discounted and extra services for entrepreneurs who join our one of our programs during this month. We believe women entrepreneurs can change a lot and bring new and innovative perspective to the business world as they do in all other walks in life.

Female founders can join us here.

How can our readers find out more about you?

Readers can find out about FasterCapital by visiting and they can follow our LinkedIn page to be always updated on our activities and news. To get in contact with our team, readers can email and we will be very glad to take the conversation forward!

Editor-In-Chief of Bizpreneur Middle East