NFT Spotlight: Abu Crypto

Abu Crypto was formed five months ago and in that time they have developed their first NFT line Abu Crypto NFT. They have sold over 1400 NFT’s and have made over 5000% profit from the initial investment. They are continuing to work through their roadmap with Abu Crypto NFT and have started to build new NFT lines, gamification and tokenisation. They have also developed exciting new revenue streams regarding NFT collaborations with other corporations and professional artists.

Tell us about Abu Crypto. What is Abu Crypto?

Abu Crypto is a family based NFT company grown in Abu Dhabi U.A.E. by three core developers who have lived in the country for nine years each and have grown their lives here. The core developers come from professional educational and engineering backgrounds and have been involved in crypto currencies since 2015.

What is the inspiration behind the collection?

The original inspiration was to create artwork depicting the developers’ love and appreciation for the Middle East region. We wanted to create artwork that would put the Middle East on the map in the NFT community. The decision was made to create the artwork in 8 bit form based on the traditional NFT fashion. This fashion originated in Crypto Punks and has been fully adopted and respected in the crypto community as fun, collectible and enjoyable.

What makes your NFT collection unique?

The uniqueness of what we offer is that the NFT line is Arab based and ranges across the whole traditional Arab family involving scaling not just one character but eight. This has never been done before in the NFT community and we wanted to stand out and provide a whole family to collect and enjoy. This invites every family member into the NFT world who seeks a piece of NFT art they can relate to and use as their display pictures.

What is your goal for the Abu Crypto NFT project?

Our goal is to build a company based around cryptocurrency to educate and support the Mena region. Covering areas of NFT’s, DeFI, trading, mining and eventually building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The project itself is governed by the people or users within it providing unparalleled financial and educational opportunities when compared to standard systems.

What is your opinion on the future of NFTs in the MENA region?

We are very excited about the NFT space as we believe digital ownership is here to stay. The future in the MENA will be the pulse of the industry. Looking at what governments and corporations are doing to move this technology forward is already unstoppable.

What is the future for Abu Crypto?

As the world moves to a brighter future where every item will have digital ownership, we strive to be the trusted voice of the region!

Editor-In-Chief of Bizpreneur Middle East