Using NLP Meta Programmes to Motivate Your Coaching Clients Part 2

To read part 1 of ‘Using NLP Meta Programmes to Motivate Your Coaching Clients’ click here. The Meta Programme covered in this article is Reactive – Proactive. Imagine each Meta Programmes as a scale, with the most extreme example at each end of the scale. Some people will be extremely ‘proactive’, others extremely ‘reactive’, but many […]

Building a Coaching Business: Using NLP Meta Programmes to Motivate Your Coaching Clients. Part 1 – Towards/Away From

In NLP terms, the Meta Programmes are the ways of thinking that motivate us. You will probably know about this from different names and other perspectives in the behavioural and psychometric assessments now used in business. We know that Meta Programmes are not static and can change depending on the circumstances. For example, when someone […]

Is Your Business Ready for the Implementation of a Coaching Culture?

“Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another.” Myles Downey, the author of ‘Effective Coaching’ encompasses very well, the developmental process that an individual takes when coaching another person. Coaching is a tool that has now become part of the key components of any toolkit for learning and development, organizational […]

Training Truths: Challenges and Coaching to Leverage Learning

You need to sustain your market share, increase profits, work smarter and increase corporate social responsibility, as well as be emotionally intelligent. You need employees with the right skills, knowledge and behaviors to communicate effectively with clients, global outlooks, managers who can coach their teams to empower them and leaders with cross-cultural experience. What’s the […]