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Case Study: Identifying New Trends in Employee Development

Case Study: Identifying New Trends in Employee Development

I need not to rehash for you the sufficiently chronicled history of employee development and management over the years and in pens far more articulately eloquent than mine. We believe that organizations are witnessing now more than ever a fast-paced, ever-changing reality increasingly nostalgic for precise and focused learning and development solutions. We have experienced

Training is NOT Development

There is no doubt that in today’s fast changing work environments and markets, workforce development is crucial for both organizations and employees success and survival. This is reflected in the increased budgets and spending on employee’s development and training across government, federal and private organizations in the Middle East region. However, even with higher spending,

70:20:10 – The Learning Paradigm for Today’s Workplace

In today’s workplace, most of the information that we need to perform our roles on a day-to-day basis is unstructured and continuously changing. The information transferred through traditional training interventions, prevalent in most of our organizations, will often be out-of-date by the time we need to use it. In fact, research indicates that we learn

Motivating Your Employees

All managers, team leaders and supervisors know that the most difficult time consuming task they have is to motivate their staff. We all apply different motivation techniques and theories. Allow me to list the most common ones for those who don’t know them: 1-Job Design: A-Job Simplification. B-Job Enlargement. C-Job Rotation. D-Job Enrichment. 2-Rewards. 3-Employee

Case Study: Organizational Development

euphoria Consulting (euphcon) is a Dubai based strategic consulting firm specializing in organizational transformation and executive coaching. We asked the CEO and Organizational Change and Development Consultant Ashish Patel to discuss an Organisational Development Consultant Partnership which he implemented for Business Transformation in a company facing a crisis. Ashish Patel: As an Organizational Change and

Applying Competency Development on Organizational Performance

Today, organizations are facing a myriad of challenges; high employee turnover rates, shortage of skilled resources, technological changes, and the ever increasing pressure of global competition. In this kind of business environment, how does an organization remain competitive and expand its business? The successful organizations recognize that its ability to produce results depends primarily on

Strengthen Communication Within Your Team and Get Better Results

In your position as team leader the quality of the relationship among your team members is perhaps one of your biggest areas of focus. A unified and communicative team produces the best results, but it’s not always easy to develop a united team. People simply have different beliefs, backgrounds and social skills, all of which