The True Stories of Two Leaders

A long time ago in America lived a great man who laid the foundation of one of the biggest organizations in U.S history. He was ‘Andrew Carnegie’. He went through difficult times as a young boy, seeing famine and having lived a poor childhood, he was determined to come out victorious. Who would have known that one day this 13 year old boy spinning wool would become one of the founding leaders of American Steel?

Another great leader of our present times is a man of great endurance hit by poverty, diseases in his family and finally being forced to migrate to safeguard himself and his families lives – ‘Abdul Sattar Edhi’. Could we have thought that this young boy at 11 years old, one day would become the guardian of the poor, hungry, destitute, hurt, orphans and widows? He is the founder of the biggest non-profit social welfare programs in Pakistan – ‘Edhi Foundation’.

What do leaders have in common?

If we look closely at the leaders, they share three similar characteristics; let us discuss them here.


Leaders with this ability have new age thinking, work with imagination, have great insight and are bold in taking new steps towards the future. They challenge the status quo and are pioneers in bringing about a change in people. They share a common purpose and vision of life. They are seeking an ultimate aim and are guided by principles. They are filled with a higher degree of alignment with the bigger picture and a purpose in this universe. Great leaders will always seek clarity with others in solving critical issues

Ability to inspire

Leaders communicate with great passion and are great listeners. They show a willingness of sharing their vision and mission. They let others feel a sense of purpose and meaning in their tasks. They seek pro-activeness and willingness and inspire others around them. They usually praise, reward and recognize the individuals who contribute for the bigger purpose with them. They are empathetic and caring towards others.

Positive attitude

A leader’s attitude is contagious; it is how they choose to convey their feelings and thoughts that will impact their people. If they lead by example and courage, the results in others will be self-awareness and a longing to be successful. It’s like showing a glass half filled with water, if a leader portrays positivity, the people will view the glass as full and if the leader portrays negativity then same people will view the glass as half empty. How they present it, is very crucial!

Azeem is a certified Life Coach and Professional Development Trainer, with more than 25 years dealing with human capital. Azeem has previously worked with some of the leading Multinational Companies in the UAE, Europe and Pakistan in the areas of Business Management, Sales & Marketing, Trainings and HR Development. In 2012 Azeem initiated corporate trainings on leadership, excellence and personal development. He specializes in management consultancy for corporate in the areas of business continuity, sustainability and succession planning. He is the founder and CEO of Human International Excellence (HIE) based in Dubai, UAE.

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