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‘Action Learning’ for Leadership Development – Is this still a viable learning option?

‘Action Learning’ for Leadership Development – Is this still a viable learning option? “There is no learning without action and no action without learning” (Reg Revins 1998). L = P + Q Learning = Programmed (knowledge) + Questions (insight). Many may have heard of ‘Action Learning’ being talked about within the training fraternity, but how

Leadership Development ROI

Why measure leadership development? Leadership development maturity is characterized by an organizational mindset of employees as corporate assets, with clearly defined future focused development processes and competencies. A consistent level of involvement of business leaders to embrace the initiative and support in taking into account the organization’s leadership needs, makes it an integrated leadership development

Leadership and Management

Recently I was invited as a speaker to the NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Company) forum held in Dubai for some of their managers. The presentation covered “How to motivate teams to achieve company goals.” During the presentation, as we were discussing the skills required for a manager to achieve these goals, the question of Leadership

Leadership Development: Inherent and Intuition?

Why leadership development… Improving leadership development programs, growing talent internally and enhancing effectiveness of the senior management team are some of the top challenges on the minds of CEO’s, alongside business growth. We need great leaders to shape and sustain our organizations and to mould our future leaders. We need leaders leading with a winning

Is There a Place for Team Leadership Within Today’s High-tech, Fast Moving World of International Business?

The term leadership generally evokes thoughts of both famous and infamous personalities from world history. Whether pioneers of nations, great religious ambassadors, the peace-makers or founding fathers of modern industry; all hold a number of common traits. Having the ability to inspire followers, to make timely and decisive decisions and always be seen to “do

How to Work Your Way to Leadership

“Everywhere, we learn only from those whom we love.” ~ Goethe Take a moment to think about every job you’ve had in your career. Think of every boss or line manager. Think of every colleague. Think of every client, even. Some people would probably stick out in your memory for all the bad reasons. Forget