Mohamed Elmahdy

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Words have always been an inspiration akin to an adventure to be sought out and lived. Seeking knowledge was always the goal and that created the analytical mindset that I implement today. It also led to creating new paths in my life that had been beyond the realm of the norm – the creation of words is just one of them. Perhaps that continuous search for knowledge along with a background in academic law which took me on the path that I am now following – environmental law. I have implemented all that along with experience in management, strategic planning, change management, and businesses development – building work experience that surpasses 14 years, in different industrial sectors in the Middle East. Having held numerous leadership positions in UAE and the Middle East, I served as Executive director of Green Touches, Dubai 2015 – 2020, a step in following my vocation in sustainability and circular economy – this is not just an interest but a vision that I strive to achieve. Having backed that up with formal study, I went on to create, found Mover-SDGs - an initiative that aims to link all those who plan to be part of such an endeavor. To that end, I believe in the power and potential of ordinary people; my dream is that each individual on this planet becomes a Global Human – with a joint human value.