Business Accelerator Gil Petersil in Dubai to nurture the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

Global Speaker & Social Motivator Gil Petersil is in Dubai as he shares his global expertise on business strategy, effective networking, and successful partnership formulas at high-profile closed-door events. Captivating the audience by his highly energetic self and immense industry expertise in global networking and successful business models, Gil’s events continue to witness the attendance of royal family members, UAE’s celebrated dignitaries and business professionals including CEOs from local and global firms.

Commenting on his re-visit to Dubai, Gil said ‘I am extremely inspired by the UAE in providing a conducive business environment for foreign investors offering them a safe and secure environment to establish their businesses. Owing to my global experience and strong network I am pleased to be able to be the bridge between Russian, American and Asian businesses to grow and flourish here. Having worked around the globe and successfully emerged through several global business challenges, I am looking forward to assist both professionals and businesses to grow through organised and global mastermind groups with a clear understanding of their milestones, lifestyle environment, and motivation strategies.”

I truly believe that building core partnerships and collaborations is essential to adding creative energies into achievements that support every business’ development journey and enable growth not just limited to geographical boundaries,” he continues.

Israel born Petersil has lived in and developed business in seven countries (Israel, Russia, Canada, Great Britain, USA, Indonesia and Singapore).  Globally referred to by the media as the number 1 international networking expert Gil has mastered the ability to serve others to expand and organize their network in order to fulfil more dreams and goals. He is an engaging speaker who has shared stage with legends as Tony Robins, Brian Tracy, Allan Pease, Keith Ferrazzi, Robert Cialdini, Michael Roach and Jordan Belford.

With a global track record of his training programs enabling new strategic partnerships, launching successful start-ups, and existing companies entering new markets, Gil’s expertise involve to mentor professionals on networking, personal branding, business development and acceleration, and masterminding technology.

Co-founder of over 20 successful businesses, Gil is presently living in Bali with his family, serving conscious entrepreneurial communities and supporting local charities like @theplasticxchange. Gil is also the Founder of Plastic Exchange Bali, a noble philanthropic engagement which is an aspirational example for governments in all countries to follow and lead the example of Bali and curb plastic waste. In addition, he gladly cooperates with business schools and universities. His goal in education is to increase entrepreneurial literacy and broaden students’ mindset by breaking limiting attitudes. He teaches through “Edutainment” methodology and “Gamifying”.