CEO Spotlight: Hesham Zreik, FasterCapital

Tell Us About Your Background.

In 2002, I started ZGroup Mobile, a developer and a publisher of mobile content and services with less than $20/month and grew it to reach a valuation of $2.5-$3.25 million in 2005 by Public company Incagold plc.

In 2010, I co-founded and started FasterCapital. We started with a model and we want it to be validated. We have worked with more than 30 entrepreneurs to validate the model over five years.

My background is definitely an intersection of technology and business.

What Current Trends Do You See?

Technology is obviously the most prominent factor that is driving all the main trends. But if we are to be more specific, I think Ecommerce is

such a huge post-corona trend for obvious reasons but especially in the Middle East since it was overlooked despite the big impact it can have on people’s daily lives. Another trend I see in the entrepreneurship world very recently is Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Take Us Through A Typical Day As CEO Of FasterCapital.

Since FasterCapital is an online incubator and accelerator, typical work-hours are in-office hours. A typical day is hopefully already planned but a take-us-through is a bit of a challenge! Managing the team, keeping in contact with the founders in our network via emails and online calls, and keeping up with our partners network are the essential parts of most typical days.

What Is Your Main Goal For The Next 3 Years With FasterCapital?

Our main goal is to be an innovation enabling organization that offers A-class one-stop services for entrepreneurs. We are always working on widening our services range so that they can cover the whole typical journey of a small-business founder.

How Can Readers Find Out More About You And FasterCapital?

Readers are welcome to visit to learn more about our activities and services. They are also welcome to visit our LinkedIn page to keep updated with our feed. They can also reach out to my LinkedIn profile directly.

Editor-In-Chief of Bizpreneur Middle East