How to Use the Internet and Social Media for Business Development

Brick and mortar businesses and online companies want to leverage the internet and social media to drive business for their companies. However, without having a clear and measureable digital marketing strategy, achieving these goals isn’t possible. Whatever the industry your company is working in, you should be interested in setting the following basics to drive business for your company.

What’s your ultimate marketing goal?
– Increasing Return on Investment (ROI)?
– Increasing Website Traffic?
– Increasing Brand Awareness?
– Increasing Sales & Conversion?

Or, is it a combination of the above mentioned goals? Whatever your goals are, you can measure all of these using Google Analytics or another analytics platform to understand where to spend more capital and which marketing channel isn’t worth spending any capital on.

1. Monitor your Competitors Business

Keep an eye on how your competitor is leveraging the internet and social media. Engage your Digital Marketing Manager or hire one if you don’t have one and he/she will analyze and monitor your industry competitors. This will help your company in formulating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that keeps your business ahead of competition.

2. Create a Responsive Website

Create a website that’s accessible on all devices whether mobile, tablet, or desktop device compatible. Responsive web design is essential because most people nowadays use their mobile, tablets, or similar device to browse internet. This will also help you in your PPC Marketing Campaign down the road.

3. Setup an E-Commerce Platform

If you want to sell products/services online then consider having an E-Commerce Solution for your target audience to purchase your products. If however, you’re running an offline company where setting up E-Commerce Store is irrelevant you can ignore this step.

4. Create Quality Content on a consistent basis that addresses your target audience’s problems

Quality Content is key to your company’s success online. You can create content on a regular basis that addresses the concerns and problems of your target audience. You can create content in the form of regular blog posting, quality sales copies, videos, infographics, whitepapers, and other useful resources that help your customers. Please remember that there can’t be a successful SEO Strategy in absence of fresh content. So, have your Content Development Team create fresh content regularly.

5. Use Inbound Digital Marketing Methods:

Once you’ve setup your website, you can utilize social media and organic search engine marketing methods to attract your target audience. Your content development team is creating content on a regular basis and now you can share the content all over social media channels, keeping in view the marketing channel’s relevance. For instance, you’ll share only professional stuff on LinkedIn, in LinkedIn Groups and Company Status updates. Similarly, there is a 140 character limit on twitter, so craft your message accordingly. Understand the social media channel and create your message accordingly for that target audience.

6. Outbound Marketing Methods:

You may consider approaching your target audience through paid online advertising to trigger conversations. Use Google Adwords, LinkedIn Advertising, Facebook or Twitter, keeping in view the internet usage behavior of your target audience. Your target audience may be spending most of their time watching youtube videos, reading articles online, using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or using search engines to find new stuff. In any case, you’ll have to reach out to them using the online advertising method that addresses your needs and theirs.

Adopting the above mentioned strategies and keeping in view your business industry and business goals will help you achieve success and drive business using the internet.

Muneeb Farman, MBA graduate with years of digital marketing & online business management experience, electrifies your business utilizing intelligent solutions tailored to your growing entrepreneurial needs. Muneeb is Certified Google Adwords and Analytics Professional & Digital Marketing Manager, available to help your businesses in leveraging internet & social media technologies.

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