BYOD to Training

According to eMarketer, around 92% of mobile Internet users in the Middle East have at least finished high school. They are in love with their mobile devices/tablets and would like to carry them to their corporate training sessions. Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) to training is tempting, but the risks can be high. Organizations must […]

The Influence of Correspondence Courses on Modern Asynchronous Distance Learning

In a global, inter-connected world with increasing demands on individual’s time, the need for flexibility in learning programs continues to grow at a rapid rate. As a result, distance learning is on the rise. There are two broad categories of distance learning: synchronous (concurrent time and place) and asynchronous (flexible time and place) environments between […]

Online learning quenches Middle East’s thirst for comprehensive knowledge

‘E-Learning’ has emerged as a popular educational method within the Middle East, reflecting and complementing the region’s pursuit of knowledge-driven economic diversification. The growth rate of self-paced e-learning in the region is currently at 8.2 per cent and is expected to generate revenues of over USD 560.7 million by 2016[1]. The Arab World has become […]